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World Largest Quakes and Tsunamis Alert Apps

If you have been worried by the recent events in Japan after the huge earthquake and tsunami rocked the country, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve located an excellent App for the iPhone and other iOS devices which will allow you to keep up to date on future earthquakes and tsunamis.

We’re sad to hear reports that another aftershock and tsunami may still hit Japan in the next few days, and it’s quite upsetting to see the countless news reports on TV showing close-up footage of the disaster and continuing stories from witnesses who managed to survive the tsunami.

However, there are some apps which may make things a little easier for you at this time, and one of them is called ‘Earthquake Display’, available to download now from the App store or iTunes for $0.99.

It started off as an app solely for earthquake purposes, giving you information on the last 200 earthquakes to occur around the world, but it has recently been updated to offer the latest alerts on Tsunamis as well. This is particularly useful as it delivers information via Push Notfications, meaning that you’ll get a message on your iPhone instantly, if anything major happens.

If you think this app will be useful to you, head to the iTunes link here for more information. Alternatively, let us know if you are currently using a different iOS app for information on the events in Japan.



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