White iPad 2 or Black iPad 2: Which Color Did you Choose?

As most of you will be well aware, the iPad 2 officially went on sale on March 11th, with a reported 1 million units already accounted for during the weekend of sales. If you queued up to buy one, or bought one online, we want to know which color you opted for.

Unlike the first generation iPad, Apple now offers the iPad 2 in a white model, since it’s usually perceived by consumers that white remains the most sought after color, after what happened with the White iPhone 4 release date delays.

Hopefully the delays are all behind Apple now, and customers will be able to freely choose a white model without any problems, both in-store and online. We’re guessing that most of you opted for the white iPad 2, since it’s a fresh new look for the device, and the iPad 1 didn’t offer such a color.

Are we right about this, or did you decide to stick with the classic black model? We’re not going to start a war and say that the white iPad 2 looks better, but we do think that the white model may end up being the favorite amongst consumers.

If you have bought an iPad 2, vote in our poll below and tell us which color you went for.

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