iOS 4.3 Problems Graphics Issues Affecting 4th-Gen iPod Touch

By Jamie Pert - Mar 15, 2011

If you have installed iOS 4.3 on your fourth-generation iPod Touch chances are things went smoothly, however we are hearing reports suggesting that some iPod Touch owners have noticed graphical glitches since updating to the latest iOS version.

According to Engadget and a comment on our iOS 4.3 problems post the blue box which shows notifications shows weird graphical glitches, we have embedded a video at the end of this post showing the issue, apparently this only occurred after installing iOS 4.3.

Apple has not commented on this problem yet, however if you check out the YouTube comments you will see how widespread it is, Engadget ran a poll and at the time of this post over 1000 people claimed that their iPod Touch was experiencing similar issues post update.

It has to be said that most 4th-gen iPod Touch owners have experienced no problems with the update, hopefully a new update will be rolled out by Apple soon to correct the issue. A forum post on Apple Discussions suggests that some people resolved the issue by presssing the home button and off/on button at the same time until the Apple logo appears, however this did not permanently fix the problem for all users

Has your Apple device suffered a similar problem since installing iOS 4.3? If so, have you discovered a fix / workaround? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Shim

    I'm experiencing all the same issue.

  • What?

    My ipod touch 4th gen. has the same issues. when ever i plug up my ipod to the computer the wifi or signal bar starts to do this weird color changing affect as if it was broken. I dont know what apple did but my battery life has also decreased by atleast an hour. they need to address this problem and fix it! this is how they lose their buisness. I love apple and i am not going anywhere but i hope they respect us enough to fix this problem.

    Also when i tried to sync my friends ipod to my computer it did not work and when i plugged up mine it did. Idk what happened but if anyone has a solution i would be forever grateful:)

  • Worriedd

    When i get some alets on the lock screen its all fuzzy and the wifi icon. Also sometimes when i add a new page in safari it happens again, all after i updated to 4.3. Also does has anyone tried the 4.3.1 update and does it fix the problem. :-/ Hope someone can help!! 🙂

  • Laura

    I am so glad I found this – I thought mine was starting t mess up. I only got mine at Christmas and don't have the receipt (it was a gift from a now ex-boyfriend). My ipod worked perfectly fine until this update but I never made the connection between the two until this morning. As i'm new to this I wasn't even aware that there were updates (lol i know!), what are the chances of Apple releasing a newer update to rectify this problem? It happens with every alert and sometimes over the clock, wifi and battery symbol is! I've also noticed its more likely to crash now with most of my apps whereas it never did before – and I haven't downloaded any new ones since!

  • pestefyter08

    I second that… I'm currently downloading the iOS 4.3.1 as I am typing this.. I hope it really solves all the bug issues (my 64GB iPod Touch is experiencing all the issues mentioned above)..

    • What?

      could you please leave another message saying if it worked or not?…Thanks:)

  • Alvaro

    You all just have an awesome theme which glitches 😛
    4.3.1 is already out

  • rola

    same things are happening here! it's so annoying!!!
    everything you guys are discussing here is happening to my i-pod touch which was working totally fine before this update. my ipod touch is only a month old. i wish i didn't do the update.
    i hope they can fix this problem soon. i'm so disappointed.

  • Sarah

    Same issue here. Can't really believe this is happening. Not only when there's a notification, I noticed the same graphic glitch appears on the tiny lock icon at the top of the screen as well when i wanted to unlock my ipod. That's pretty annoying. 🙁

  • Bowler4Ever

    I've experienced the same issues as well. It's happened around the blue bar and on the WiFi icon. Many of my apps also crash upon load.

  • fraek101

    battery and wi-fi icons both have glitches. itouch 4th gen has also become a little bit unstable and slow after i did the update…;/
    apple should bring a newer ios version as soon as possible…

  • Dustin

    Alas I have lines on the top where the time is when I download a new app and when I enter the wrong password. This update stinks I hope that Apple fixes this bug with the 4.3.1 update!

  • Alexander

    Have this problem. Very annoying.

  • ios 4.3 fail

    mine too! i wish i didnt upgrade. i thought i dropped my ipod unknowingly. i hope apple fixes this

  • Ipood

    When mine alarm goes off it glitches also.

  • st.louise

    try to end all your background running apps by double tapping the home screen to toggle multitasking mode.maybe its because of those running application makes your OS slow or low on memory resources and experience those glitches.that's the way i see it folks.may it would.just give it a try…

  • Pink

    I'm having the same problems with mine. The wifi icon in the corner glitches.

  • Amil

    Yeah ive got the same promblem time to time mu 4th gen ipod will lag and on the lockscreen lines appear across the top where the clock like the screen had dead pixels but it goes one i refresh the screen.

  • Tiffany

    Same here. I restored it but it's still the same :'(

  • Michael

    Same here. Lame update by Apple. Had it happen a number of times already. Not up to Apple standards!

  • Ryan

    This happened to me as well, but only on the battery and wi-fi icons. I hope there's a fix soon.

  • Ciccino Bello

    I'm one of the 1000 disappointed consumers. I love Apple, and I don't want my iPod to do that stuff.

  • Scott cosper

    My graphics completely white screened this morning. I tunes sees it and it appears normal there, however nothing brings back the apple screen.