Internet Explorer 9 (IE9): Problems after Download?

By Alan Ng - Mar 15, 2011

If you’re a fan of Internet Explorer, you probably won’t need us to tell you that Microsoft has just put the download for Internet Explorer 9 online on one of their websites within the last few hours. We want to hear of any problems you’ve had either installing the software, or afterwards whilst using it.

If you haven’t downloaded IE9 yet, you can do so over at Microsoft’s Beauty of the Web page here. It’s only available for PC users at the moment and you may be disappointed to hear that Windows XP is not supported, only Windows 7, Vista, and Windows Server 2008 for the time being.

Aside from a completely revamped User Interface, Internet Explorer 9 will benefit from much faster overall performance thanks to a brand new javascript engine called Chakra. You’ll also get a security-enabled download manager, address bar search and many more features.

While there may not be any noticable problems with IE9 now since the download has only been up for a few hours, it is inevitable that problems and bugs will filter out in the coming weeks, so if you notice anything serious with the software that you feel we should know about, leave us a comment below.

Our only problem with Internet Explorer 9 right now, is that Mac is not supported at the moment. We’re hoping that Microsoft is planning to change this though since it’s in their best interests to make it available on all operating systems.

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  • Andrés Ortiz

    To fix internet explorer 9 , please download Chrome of Firefox…

  • colleen h

    every time I click on the ie9 icon the window pops up saying it lost connection right away. but if u wait bout a minute the ie9 comes up fine or u close the window click again and its fine don’t understand whats going on?

  • I can’t get my Windows7 or my Vista pcs to work with IE9 this morning. Chrome works just fine. I’m confused.

  • Jmck

    Having problems singing in to Yahoo

  • IE 9 seems to be extremely unstable. I spend most of my time online now waiting for IE9 to restart. It constantly crashes…..doesn’t work with FB very well..and goodness…I don’t know where they get the idea it is faster!!!


    I will probably never look at this forum again!! But people just explain the problem ,,Nobody wonts to hear your bad day in the fact you just ramble on ! This forum is to just state the facts on the problem you are havin with IE9,, So hopefully it can be improved,,Seroiusly,,Wont ever see the remarks and somebody will remark on my statement with negativity but read it,nothing again to deal with IE9 just having to be that person!! God Bless all but really just state the problem not your life problems!! Thanks

  • Barbara

    Nothing but problems since I downloaded ex9 which has cost me 2 repair charges to Microsoft at $99.00 each. Since the last repair my current problem is I can not open a number of links . When I do a search and it may be a Yahoo link it will not open… even on the MSN page I can not open some of the items they have articles on. Runs slower than then ex8. Wish I had never downloaded ex9. Not only has cost me $198 it has limited my search resources and is slow. Not willing to pay another $99 to microsoft for issues that were caused by thier product

  • Diane

    unable to log into school website with hp desttop came loaded with IE9 , 1 st problem ,computer about 2-3 months old but my phone lets me log on so i know its something on my desktop or ie9

    • diane

      i did the allow pop ups, and also tried the security tab to reset to default all zones

  • Diane

    my hp came with IE 9 ,cant log onto school wesit3

  • I have nothing but problems with IE 9, it crashes constantly – it is the worst browsing experience ever. I had to download Chrome just to check my e-mail. I had to keep checking if this was the same IE 9 they have been running the TV advertisements for, even deleted it and re-downloaded it to see if that would help (it didn’t)…common Microsoft! What the heck?

  • Angus

    Seems I can only open 1 website at a time. If I ask to open a favourite it closes existing site. Any ideas?

  • Kakiska13

    I cannot get into my gmail with the standard view. tells me I need Active x to be enabled.  (I enabled it but it still will not let me use the standard view. Keeps telling me to enable Active x.  what can I do to get Active x to cooperate?

  • asdfghjkl;

    First, my IE9 didn’t have images so I uninstalled it. Now I have IE8, whenever I open a browser, it would close and pop up a msn download. Help me this is soooo stupid T-T (p.s. I need to use only IE to work out what I am downloading.

  • asdfghjkl;

    First, my IE9 didn’t have images so I uninstalled it. Now I have IE8, whenever I open a browser, it would close and pop up a msn download. Help me this is soooo stupid T-T (p.s. I need to use only IE to work out what I am downloading.

  • Rmandock

    Windows Update just installed Internet Explorer 9. I can no longer view traffic and weather maps. How do I fix this problem?

  • Yes, i faced these kind of problems before. But now, it is ok.

  • M G Slaughter

    Over a year ago, Update tried to install new version of IE9.  Got corrupted somehow.  Doesn’t show up in uninstall list, and won’t let me reinstall.  Says newer version is installed.  I have tried countless times to uninstall; can’t get rid of it, or reinstall.

    • Cyndizworld

      My computer automatically updated to IE9.  They tricked the system!!!   SO now the newest updates caused me to not be able to get any videos online..Like YOUTUBE, etc. I UNISTALLED IE9 and had to do more after.   This is how I did it.  You will have to Go to your “update history” and you will find it in there installed as an update. I will tell you exactly how below…They are Tricky huh. OKAY..back to how…. Go to START, type in WINDOWS UPDATE, then go to “view update history”, open it, then go to INSTALLED UPDATES, open it, scroll down and find “Windows Internet Explorer 9”, (*mine was as far back as 06/11!!) highlight it and then hit the UNINSTALL button above that appears after you highlight it.  Then go into your view update history again and uninstall the last update from Internet 9 using the same way you just uninstalled IE9.  I had trouble installing some updates after that.  If you do as well, Then go to MICROSOFT.COM and download their FIX IT program to help fix the problem of installing updates that happens after UNINSTALLING IE9. 
      Oh and I am working on getting rid of the IE9 installation that keeps
      showing up as an IMPORTANT UPDATE!  I had to stop my automatic updates
      so I can keep an EYE on it as to not allow the installation, since they
      are tricking the system into thinking it is an IMPORTANT UPDATE that
      will automatically update if you have elected to automatically update instead of viewing first!!
      I think I found a program to remove IE9 as an automatic update so I can go back to using the automatic update again.  I haven’t tried it yet, still in the midst of reading about it.  GOOD LUCK and I will advise you if I have succeeded in removing the IE9 as an automatic IMPORTANT UPDATE.  If someone knows how to do this, please let me know. THANK YOU.

    • Richard

      Try going into your Control Panel and use the Un-install program there.  I’m going to try it now.

    • Richard

      Yup. worked.  I now have IE8.  Gotta go to Control Panel, then Programs & Features and the View Installed Updates.  Scrol down til you find IE9, click on it and then Un-insall.

    • Richard

      Should have been Programs & Features and THEN View Installed Updates.  ONLY uninstall IE9!!!!

  • Seville69

    Installed Internet 9 and now white page.  Already the rendering as they described and still can’t acess the web page

  • Bootc64

    my window updated switch me to ie9 and i couldnt get in some of the game i play in pogo so i uninstall it now im having problem with the game i play on facebook

    • Cyndizworld

       Read what i said above to MGSlaughter, see if that helps



  • Debeittreim

    my husband downloaded Explorer 9 on his Gateway laptop with Windows 7 but now he can’t even start the computer without an extremely loud audio feedback squeal. No way to stop it either, other than taking out the battery and unplugging it. Any ideas?

  • Buddys757

    I have Vista and IE 9 won’t download my bank statements so I have to use another browser,  It was working fine a week ago but now it ‘s not. I have IE 64 bit in my programs and it works fine but not the default IE.

  • James

    Internet Explorer nine comes in an automatic update, so far. Past week I’ve had to run system restore every morning. When I get up Explorer 9 has automatically been placed on my computer, you can’t start Internet Explorer it keeps coming up Internet Explorer stopped working, I would like to know how to contact someone to get this off of automatic downloads. I believe Bill Gates should have to come to every household to fix this problem if he keeps putting corrupted files out of automatic downloads or pays an IT to come out and straighten his mess

    • Ala0691970

      James have you found a solution to this yet?  I get the same window popping up every few minutes and I’m constantly losing data because of it.

      • colleen h

        me to

  • Chisholmsa

    My internet explorer updated automatically and it is the worst update ever. I cannot enter an address in the taskbar, every time I try, internet explorer quits. I lost all of my book marks in the update. This is extremely frustrating. I attempted to follow the directions to uninstall the update on my computer, but when I looked at the recent updates on my computer, internet explorer was not on the list. Does anybody have an ideas on what I can do? Thanks!

  • Sue

    I have Windows 7 64 bit, and IE 9, for the last month or more I am unable to compose and send or reply to mail without IE screwing up and not responding while Windows searches for a solution. HaH!  Still no real answer to date. I am sick of Microsoft (have you seen Windows 8? what a joke) and Internet Explorer. My next computer will be a MAC !!!!!!

  • spider

    go to spider coments   I have had the same problems like you all with help from a friend I have fix my pc with this coment it has been fine for a weeknow hpoe this will help you to fix internet explorer9

  • Kathy

    IE9 installed itself on my laptop after a windows update & I have had nothing but problems since then.  Opening & reading my yahoo email is painfully slow as the system keeps freezing.  The same thing happens with Microsoft Word.  Microsoft has to change their update process, so that IE9 doesn’t install automatically until they have it fixed.  It is a nightmare!  When IE9 first came out, I voluntarily downloaded it , as it asserted that your security was safer with the update.  Well after many system crashes, I called in a computer tech who said my problems were caused by IE9, as it still had many issues.  $100 later (he uninstalled  IE9 and brought me back to IE8) mys system was working fine.  I am furious that Microsoft is irresponsible enough to automatically install a system that obviously is not ready to be released!!

    I’m going to try Spider’s suggestion of uninstalling & hope that it works for me.

  • Joe

    I had tried to install IE9 several times in my computer with Windows Vista since May 2011. Constant problems with antivirus, AOL, etc.  I remove this version and continue to work with previous version IE8.  Microsoft install it directly as a update several weeks back and I realized today, they sent the same s**** to install the IE9.  They need to come up with a better Internet Explorer.

    • spider

      go to my spider link 2days agohope this helps

  • aya

    I am unable to turn on my PC after downloading IE9. It suddenly froze my PC. Do you have any advice?

  • Bob

    You don’t need to replace IE9 as BoA support suggested. You do have to disable some Internet Options to save encrypted pages to disc and you cannot delete temporary files. These are used for webstie tracking and the BoA site will no longer work if you do not disable these internet protections.

  • Jim Finnegan

    IE9 doesn’t work. I do most of my surfing now with Google Chrome because of all the compatability issues and viewing problems I experienced IE9.

    • OldGeezer141

      Google and Microsoft don’t want to work out problems of cross search, Uncheck compatibility view for google and it will look right effects GMail really bad, but google pop-up will tell you not to use compatibility view. Peter hats Paul I guess

  • phil

    I asked everyone in my family if they update to 9.0.  Everyone said no.  How do I get back my old version of windows explorer.  I’m having too many problems with my computer since someone updated my computer.      


  • Christinesk57

    How do I uninstall this nightmare?

    • spider

      hi go to start button click on it then go to control panel on the left side ofthe screen you will see View Installed up Dates click on it then scroll down till you find internet explorer 9 click on it to uninstall it I have done this myself and have had no trouble After you uninstall it go to updates and tell it ask you to up date it before it dose it auto/ my pc now ask me if i want to update anything hope you find this usful

    • spider

      go to my spider link

  • Jirizarr

    I want the progress bar back!!!!!!!

  • Mad@9

    Wow, ridiculous, IE9 sux, had it only 3 horrible days, I just did a system restore because this beast just installed automatically and I am having all kinds of problems, as if you didn’t already know, web pages loading slowly if at all, kept checking for a solution to the problem (never found it!), some reason everytime I opened Word I get a bunch of errors popping up and I could never save anything, I had it after that, now I am just hoping that this thing doesn’t try to install again…I’m hoping that turning off Automatic Windows Updates prevents this horrible thing from infecting my pc again.

  • spider

    explorer 9 keeps downloading 3times a week i have disabled it and it just keeps downloading how can I stop this from happening I am continual having to restore my computer to a different restore point can anybody help me fix this problem it is driveing me nuts

    • Joyce

      I finally had to uninstall it .

    • Geoff

      that is precisely the reason i have just searched yahoo ending up on this site … i have windows update program options down as NO TO ALL downloads and updates without checking with me first. I can see the list of Important/ Optional updates suggested. It keeps installing Exp 9 each time I shutdown and then I end up restoring back to last month. I cannot figure it out and it takes too long installing and configuring what I don’t want before me then having to restore – Nightmare Timewasting and I am worried about Exp 9 Security so I won’t use it. I also don’t like things being different as I know and am used to where everything is in Exp 8. PLEASE HELP ME AND SPIDER ANYONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO STOP IT IGNORING US AND IT’S OWN SETTTINGS NOT TO DO UPDATE!

  • D3 R12

    Downloaded IE9 nothing but trouble with my windows mail, runnung Vista Home Premium. Open up Mail new ones come in lets you open them, fine, lets you send them, fine, but when you go to the sent items box it deletes the message from the inbox, check delete box nothing there, junk email shows 3, but again nothing there, error message cannot deete items. then tried going to communities, tells me site is having temporary problems. Final straw when closing down windows mail, then re-opening it the e-mail that have recently come in, they have been deleted. IE9 IS AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE, FASTER BROWING, JOKE, MESSES UP E-MAILS DEFINITELY. 

  • annoyed

    IE 9 installed itself as an update on my lap top and yes same problems as everyone else – what a complete pain

    • Aggravated

      Happened to me too and now all I want to do it get rid of it and go back to the old one….so stupid!

  • Ron

    yes i have windows 7 and every since microsoft update 7  to ie 9 problems have happen every day enternt   explorer is not reponding recover the web page bing is not respondin so  many thing that happened with it the last time i used it sayed entenet explorer is not responding

    • spider

      go to my spider link 2 days a go hope this his helpfull

  • Britpattinajessnic

    I have Vista and got IE9 and it has been nothing but a nightmare.  It keeps shutting down and restarting my web pages, telling me there was an error at the website.  This is a problem when you are inputting work and the computer just takes you out of the website.  I think maybe I need to look into other internet access, this is just awful.

  • Parsi2

    Even tho IE 9 is unchecked in updates, it still automatically updates and then it won’t work.  I have to then try and find clean restore to reinstall IE 8.  I do not want IE 9….but how do I keep it from my system??

    • maladwala

      There is no need to reinstall IE8. More features were added to IE8 and they called it IE9. You can remove these features and it becomes IE8 again. Go to start sphere. In the run box, type ‘view all updates’ (without punctuation of course). When a window pops up look for internet explorer 9 in it. Right click it. Select uninstall. It will remove IE9 features. After the process, start IE. Now it’s IE8. 

      • Parsi2

        I did what you said….there is nothing that shows up for Internet explorer 9.  This makes sense if IE9 shows up, but nothing relating to it does.  Right now, IE 9 is working with no problems.  So I might as well just leave it be.

    • spider

      go to my spider link 2 days a go

  • Giovanni123456

    I still can’t get internet explorer, maybe because i have Norton 360? I’m not sure why i can’t download internet explorer? 

  • Play_misty4me2004

    I have windows 7 with IE9 –256bit, I have constant problems with IE closing down, never had this problem before with any other windows or IE. HELP

  • Jo

    My toshiba laptop continously automatically downloads internet explorers 8 or 9, and each time I have to restore it back to previous date, as internet doesn’t work.  I was advised to purchase flash drive 500 megabytes at a cost of $150, to back up files & then restore.  Found that I didn’t need that at all, could restore it back anyway.  But this is very frustrating as it happens at least 3 times a week, and I have to restore again and again.
    How can I stop this automatic update? 

    • spider

      hi spider here go to your start button click on go to control panel then on left side find view installed up dates click on go down till you find internet explorer and uninstall it this will bring back your pc to normal then go to up dates and tell it to tell you when you have up dates do not installuntill i ok it i have done this and my pc is running normal and has been for all this week with out any problems hope this is helpfull

  • Fargo

    i am glad IE stopped cross scripting, now could they STFU about it ?  

  • Cpljeni

    So far not good. My internet is going exceedingly slow and I cannot open up my yahoo account.  I press the sign in button and nothing happens.  Videos just stop and go and stop some more.  It’s horrible.  I want what ever I had before back please

  • Debkim1

    I have windows 7 and have had IE for the last 6 months as it is what came on my laptop but suddenly today, while I can sign in to my msn or goggle and there are No connection problems I cannot see my emails or use my goggle chrome for Anything but msg. I have tryed restore and uninstalled McCafferty that I didn’t use anyway as per suggestions but niether  worked either. HELP

  • Sharyl’s Jewelry

    I see lots of problems listed and many I’m also experiencing.   Will anyone answer these questions or are we just posting so someone can read later?   I hope some answers will come very soon–and hope they are posted here or we are directed as to where to look for the answers.   E-mail is not an option for me!   Thanks!

    P.S.   At least uninstall info would be helpful!     

  • Sharyl’s Jewelry

    I’m unable to get to my Everest/SureWest email.   I just get a blank page with the Java symbol in the middle.   I’ve upgraded Java, but it made no difference.   UGH!   I need my e-mail!   I asked for help, but of course, the help is being sent to my email!    How do you uninstall this?   I need to do so and PRONTO!   


    P.S.   I’m not happy with much of anything about the new interface, or that it downloaded on it’s own without asking first.   Maybe that was a setting I chose and is my own fault?   I’ve had to go to Google Chrome to search for how to do anything on IE9 (such as how to find my favorites to even attempt to log in to email), because IE is always too slow to do searching.  I only use IE for email, which doesn’t seem to work on Chrome.   (Oh, for a Mac OS!)

  • George

    Internet Explorer 9 sucks. I can’t use to access any site. It keeps busy loading a valid page and shows classic “no responding” message on the title bar.

  • Garowell

    Internet Explorer 9 is a piece of junk. Restricts you ability to go to any google sites.  Automatically creates a faux application crash.  I am having problems with Norton and can’t get info I need because of Internet Explorer 9.

  • Slagleelectric

    ex-9 sucks I had to add google chrome just to function . On ex-9 I keep geting script errors all the dam time 7 I got sick of it …..why is that windows ?

  • Gdreeves71

    i can’t click a link and go directly to pages….i have to hit links twice. Sometimes the connection doesn’t go through at all. It’s not the internet connection because we have another computer without IE9 and it’s not having those problems.

    also having problems starting up my computer since downloading. 

  • Parth

    whenever i try to open a vido online(an e class) my cusrssr showa a hand and a ! what kind of error is this???

    plese hepl

  • Mel

    I went to turn on my $1400 dollar Sony Vaio laptop and it wouldn’t get past loading personalised settings.  This window wasn’t responding then went to a black screen.  When I went in via safe mode with networking capabilities, noticed that ie 9 was installed.  I didn’t request this.  I called microsoft support this morning and they couldn’t understand that this problem was occurring.  My laptop was working fine before this program was forced onto my laptop.  Anyone know of a fix for this? 

  • NJA

    Huge issues since installing a few days ago.  Cannot access any of my email accounts.  Can’t open attachments & when I do open them I can’t read any of them any more.  Going to try & figure out how to uninstall it & reinstall 8.