IE9 Review: First Impressions

By Gary Johnson - Mar 15, 2011

As we reported to you earlier the final version for IE9 is now available for users to download. For me having a good browser is important as it is being used constantly. Up until recently I have been using Firefox, but have been having issues with it keep freezing and crashing. This was after getting rid of numerous add-ons.

Since then I have been using Google Chrome which is much faster and stable, but today I downloaded IE9. On first impressions the screen is less cluttered and has a cleaner feel to it. Speed wise it is much quicker than IE8, and have not experienced any problems with freezing so far. It is slightly slower than Google Chrome, but is faster than Firefox.

At first I didn’t notice the favorites and tools button in the top right hand side of the screen, but this adds to the cleaner look of the browser. Upon downloading I have found one problem, as I was met with an error message for my wireless Canon printer. At the moment there were no updates available for the drivers for the printer, but it is not an old model.

We had reported earlier this year that toolbars and other add-ons caused has caused a lot of problems in Internet Explorer, now IE9 keeps a watch on your add-ons and will then warn you if one is unnecessarily slowing down the browser.

The URL bar at the top of the screen is less than half the size of what is was before, which is a nice feature. It is also on the same line as the tab bars, instead of being above. I still prefer the look and feel of Google Chrome, but IE9 is a vast improvement over the old IE browser.

Internet Explorer has been trailing behind its rivals for years and the improvements in IE9 is going back to the progress that began in IE7 to return the browser to respectability. In my mind this is the best version of Microsoft’s browser so far, but it is almost shameful that Windows XP users won’t get to use it. The new browser is fast and highly usable, but it might not be enough for fans of other browsers to switch. Microsoft at least has a respectable choice on the browser market. How have you been finding IE9?

You can read a more in-depth review by clicking here.

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  • Tim

    also having issues with IE9 works fine till i open windows live mail have installed it 3 times same thing happens every time i open mail it slows down a lot and some pages won't even open after doing this going back to IE8 no issues with it wish windows would remove it from important updates so it don't keep trying to install it everyday

  • Lori

    I also downloaded IE9, hated it and have gone back to IE8. Every time it would say IE cannot display webpage, then I would have to refresh, in addition to the annoying message bars. Can’t believe they released this!!!

  • rhonda

    I downloaded IE9 3 days ago and hate it. Today I uninstalled the update so my computer went back to IE8. Annoying message bars constantly blocked info at the bottom of my screen and I lost favorite sites that were on my toolbars.

  • H. Malhans

    I had to uninstall IE9 because it was unable to display the map in the "Toronto mls" website. My advise to all Toronto Real estate salespeople is that they should not install Internet Explorer 9 on their laptops/computers until its improved.

  • Harrier

    I download loaded IE9 and it was working for a few seconds. The updated drivers were checked and validated. After trying to get into my e-mail, the display went deal I have not been able to use the O/S except in the safe mode. I have been told this is common and that will will need to reformat my hard drive and reload all my software and data. This leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. When MS released Vista and forced it on me, I spent 3 months trying to make it work before returning my computer. I got a customized laptop with XP. It was going perfect. I was given Windows 7 as part of a computer class I took and tried it. Now again I'm totaled and it's MS fault. This is a freeken' joke. It is clear to me MS is releasing software before it's ready and uses consumers as it's quality control rather than doing that themselves. When office 2007 came out, all they did was repackage Office 2003 with a ribbon that only confused power users. Office 2003 users were not given an upgrade. Whe 2010 was released Officer 2007 users had to pay the full price for 2010 that corrected the mistake made in 2007. For literally 10-15 years MS has not been making products that provide any significant improvements. Once thing I'm good at is re-formatting my O/S. I will remove Windows 7, re-install XP and now add open office and Firefox 4. I'm positive my next computer will be a Mac Book Pro and MS will never be a part of my life again.

  • Richard Cliche

    I just uninstalled IE9

    For inexplicable reasons, IE9 would suddenly take over 13% of my CPU (i7 Quad) resources and would not relinquish control even if I closed IE. I had to force the END PROCESS through the Task Manager.

    This problem existed intermittently on IE8 and it seems to be continual on IE9

  • lee

    Will not work with my new laptop asus n53j

    • marty

      having problems on my new asus x52f as well. i have gone back to IE8 due to systems crashes some web pages not responding and strange problems with Argos site some thing to do with scripts

      • Samman

        asus is your problem

  • gary

    windows doownload site says XP can use this ???

  • Kashyap khakharia

    well what can i say i am loving IE9 n i prefer it because i think its better than chrome n firefox is nowhere near to it…..