Homefront Video Game: New Multiplayer Trailer Emerges

By Tina Chubb - Mar 15, 2011

The highly anticipated Homefront video game finally makes its way into North American and European stores today, but not all gamers will be convinced enough to buy it. The recent news about the Homefront campaign only being about 5 hours long may well have put some gamers off.

However, according to Zak Islam over at playstationlifestyle.net, the game’s publisher THQ has put a heavy emphasis on Homefront’s multiplayer element, and said they are confident that the game will be a contender for the Medal of Honors and the Call of Dutys of the gaming industry.

Although the Homefront game is hitting stores today, it hasn’t stopped them from releasing a new multiplayer trailer. The new ‘Bomb-Dropping’ multiplayer trailer shows gamers exactly what they can expect from the online mode, which will include a variety of weapons, tanks and special bonuses.

You can check out the trailer for yourself over on the playstationlifestyle.net website. I am quite a fan of multiplayer modes; so I wouldn’t let the length of a game’s campaign effect me. Have you been put off by the short campaign, or will you still be picking up a copy today?

Feel free to let us know your thoughts on the trailer and the game’s campaign length.

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