Dragon Age 2 Tops UK Sales Chart

By Jamie Pert - Mar 15, 2011

Here we bring you news that Dragon Age 2 has topped the UK Sales chart less than a week after its release (according to Chart-Track.co.uk). Bioware‘s RPG has knocked the highly-popular Pokémon White version from its top position last week and this week the Pokémon franchise sits second.

It must be said however that all credit should still be placed firmly in the hands of Pokémon publisher Nintendo’s hands due to the game topping the chart for several weeks while only being available on one platform compared to Dragon Age 2 which is available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Pokemon Black slipped from 2nd spot to 4th, whilst Fight Night Champion held its grip on third position, Nintendo will be very pleased that a DS release is selling so well considering it will offer no 3D visuals when played on the soon-to-be-release Nintendo 3DS, however let’s face it any Pokemon game is going to sell well these days.

The top 40 list can be seen here and you can draw your own conclusions about the movement, however for now we won’t knock Dragon Age too much, instead we’ll congratulate it on its glory and first week at the top of the charts, do you think it will last another week at the top spot?

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