‘Critical’ security hole found by Adobe: Flash Player won’t get fix before next week

Having previously brought you news of the Flash Player 10.2 update, we have now been informed that Adobe has discovered security vulnerability. The company has launched a security alert for those using Flash Player on whichever platform.

This alert warns that the new ‘critical’ hole in the security that has been discovered may potentially allow for hackers to hijack the system being used as well as cause crashes. That includes all Adobe programs Acrobat software based and Reader as well as Flash Player products.

The news comes from an article at Adobe that explains how the systems are being exploited through a file embedded in an Excel Spreadsheet that is being emailed via an attachment.

The company says they are working to finalize a fix the problem as soon as they can but that won’t be available until the week of March 21st. After that the next quarterly update is due June 14th. More details can be found in the full article by clicking the link above, where they list exactly which versions are being affected.

Why do you think a security hole like this has appeared? What do you think of the way Adobe are handling the situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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