Battlefield 3 Vs Modern Warfare 3: Is COD Boring Now?

By Alan Ng - Mar 15, 2011

As we progress towards the release of both Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, arguably the two most anticipated games of the year, it is evitable that a war of words is going to ignite over which title is going to be the best. Well, some recent comments by EA DICE has kicked things off between the two companies.

When speaking in a recent interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine, DICE General Manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson accused their competitors of being lazy, talking about how other developers are using the same engine and the same formula – recycling it year after year.

This is an obvious reference to Activision’s Call of Duty franchise and the fact that Battlefield 3 makes use of a brand new Frostbite 2 engine, which looks pretty mindblowing we might add. Here is a portion of his statement, as reported from Eurogamer:

“Our competitors are getting lazy. They’re using the same engine, the same recipe for building a game. At some point you need to take that leap. I haven’t seen them take that leap since a long time ago.”

With this in mind, we want to know what are your thoughts on this are. You could argue that DICE are not exactly lying, since the last few Call of Duty games have basically used the same forumla – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing since COD4, Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops have all been hugely successful.

Do you think the Call Of Duty series is getting boring? Considering how good Battlefield 3 looks with a brand new engine, we do feel that Infinity Ward need to step it up themselves with a new engine for Modern Warfare 3 – although we cant see this happening by November. E3 2011 may bring some surprises though so lets wait and see.

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  • Drfudgy

    “…but that’s not necessarily a bad thing since COD4, Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops have all been hugely successful.”

    It’s called brainwashing.  The younger gamers have been brainwashed to love CoD and only CoD.

  • Whzziywazoo

    COD is awesome if you fit into the below categories:
    A: Stoned
    B: Jobless
    C: Stupid
    D: Poorly skilled
    E: Incestuous(that’s not a fact but I heard a 13 year old shout that at me on his mic his mum bought him once when I played MW2 after I killed him several times)
    F: Back to being jobless, after much thought I realised that when I asked *woah you’ve levelled up a lot the response I got was, yeah i’ve not been to work..”oh right, are you ill? ” “NAWWW DEY TOOK ARRRR JOOORRRRBBBSSSSS
    G: Unable to comprehend category(possibly stoned):  there are other games out there, some that are better with way better graphics.
    H: Going back to being jobless and stupid that usually results in being a poor console gamer. As we all know, COD has always been directed at the console market, (awesome) but Battlefield was always directed at the PC Market. I’m happy to say, I have a lovely PC, it makes me pleased, and it runs BF3  on ultra and looks the dogs.
    I recommened, if you fall into the above category, sort your life out, get a PC with the money you’ve earned with the job as you’re now clean and a little more intelligent since you studied a little bit, maybe ride a bit and get those brain cells buzzing and go log in and get killing.
    Consoles are old, dated, dying and the nex gen wont be here till 2014.

    Stop complainng, COD is Boring, COD IS recycled, COD is hopefully on it’s way out.

    Now….back to work for me.

    • suck it


      • @suck it, u a fag

        @suck it what do you mean, all games weren’t made for you.

  • Look at MW2. Then look at BLACK OPS. What has better graphics? Neither. The engine is the same. Look at BF2 and BFBC2 Good graphics and amazing destruction graphics. Look at the BF3 “Fault Line” trailer. Better Graphic and Better destruction graphics. Cant well all agree that BF3 will be better since its graphics and engine is better and all the of the Call of Duty series games i’ve played I haven’t seen any destruction except the campaign. BF lets you destroy buildings and crap anywhere and anytime in a level and kill other players with it and destroy the buildings with mainly anything you have with you. Lets agree that BF3 will be better than MW3.

  • Look at MW2. Then look at BLACK OPS. What has better graphics? Neither. The engine is the same. Look at BF2 and BFBC2 Good graphics and amazing destruction graphics. Look at the BF3 “Fault Line” trailer. Better Graphic and Better destruction graphics. Cant well all agree that BF3 will be better since its graphics and engine is better and all the of the Call of Duty series games i’ve played I haven’t seen any destruction except the campaign. BF lets you destroy buildings and crap anywhere and anytime in a level and kill other players with it and destroy the buildings with mainly anything you have with you. Lets agree that BF3 will be better than MW3.

  • dave

    Am gunna lol when all the COD bum boys realise how cartoony MW3 looks like to BF3 and then end up purchasing BF3 Pretending they have always been a BF fan. COD FANS GET OVER IT. BF is going to be game of the year without a doubt

  • navio

    i think bf comes now btween 2007 to 2011 but cod is not like that cod 1st released in 2oo5 or something .
    most of the people like cod bcoz of mw ,mw2 ,black ops ,world at war these 4 games is fantastic than bfbc bfbc2

  • A Disgruntled Grunt

    I am a PC person. No doubt about it. Battlefield 3 is also going to be MUCH better than MW3. No doubt about it. CoD is pathetic; they've been using the same engine for the past couple of games, and the graphics are okay. Black Ops was one of those games that you play for a week, then make up your mind and decide it's crap. CoD has barely any good features; the only reason they continue it is because it has the name Call of Duty printed all over it. All the 360 fanboys just buy anything that says CoD, and then say it's the best game ever. I find that PC people are more likely to actually read reviews, and look at ratings before just buying something for the namebrand (like Beats). Bad Company 2 was a great game with great multiplayer. The campaign could get a little boring at times, but over all it was a great buy (Like JC2 :P). I have shown people aerial shots from Battlefield 3, and they asked me if it was a real photo. THAT'S how good BF3 will be. On the other hand with COD, I enjoyed MW2. I have to admit, shooting civilians can sometimes be fun. MW2 would have been a great game if they had included vehicles, I was sad that they didn't. For Black Ops, they just threw in a couple of "new" guns and perks (the guns were all the same to me, they just looked different. they said the specs were different, but no). If any of you CoD fanboys haven't looked at the BF3 12 Minutes trailer, you have to. For me, it was 12 minutes of heaven. I am obviously a PC and BF fanboy; no doubt denying, Battlefield 3 is going to destroy CoD and grind it into the dirt. No doubt about it. LET THE INTERWEBS LIVE ON!

  • Jbomb

    Hmmm … BATTLEFIELD 3 vs MW3

    Here is my take on my experiences individually and what will ultimately make me decide and hopefully people out there will share my feelings. Here are a few things i noticed.
    I like variety in my games, because it delivers fun. The opposite is monotony, and it delivers boringness.

    COD had a loooot of monotonous. I'm a good player so lack of skill wasn't it. It was the simple reason that all you had to do was aim before corners, be on the look out for the spawn switch and watch your back… ALWAYS. Your confined in a small barnes maze with a lot of rats….rats with guns and running fast. Your chances of coming into visual range are very very high. But heres the thing, your main goal is killing a lot and not dying. WTF? I got mad with the games' way of making you die when you least wanted to. The fun i get is when i'm owning the team, but nothing changes.

    Now in BC2 had variety which was good. Fun? Most of the time 🙂 The NO times are when your team runs off individually, running and gunning like a bunch of morons thinking they'll own… sounds a lot like COD. But the good times. When 4,5,6 ppl are crouching behind cover. One is healing, the other one supplying ammo, another attacking with heavy explosives and in the back round a chorus of guns mixed with the flashing bullets crossing the whole map…simply put, it's EPIC. It gives the feeling of reality.

    So thats why I will ultimately buy Battlefield 3, unless MW3 delivers some kind of tactical experience, which I bet they won't.

  • Andy

    Battlefield 3.
    Read comments before mine if you want to know more 🙂

  • game nerd

    battlefield 3 all th way

  • NewBF3-FormerCODChap

    On PS3 all the COD franchise suffer one major fault on multiplayer, THE CHEAP P2P SERVERS ITS RUN ON !!

    Almost every match was nothing but lag lag lag… When you had a decent connection you would know the opposite team had lag lag lag, it still happens today and its going to happen in the next instalment so I don't know why you clowns bother giving them credit and keep on saying 'Its the best' or pay for their MP's.

    I've played 'em all and they still continue to be the same. Its one sided for the 'host'…. I don't want to play a game that makes me want to smash everything up. I want to do this because I can't stand being ripped off when I know for a fact I should have killed someone after emptying my whole clip in them only for them to shoot me roughly 3 times and I die !?!?!?

    Its the reason that I'm not buying any more COD's and I'm sticking to it(I have not bought MP's for BO's) as I know for a fact that both IW & Treyarch couldn't give a monkeys about anything we tell them to address. They are supposed to support the PS forum section but as they own both console's they just ignore us and play on x-box version because they know the truth, THEIR SERVERS SUCK.

    This year I'll be investing my money in Battlefield 3 and looking at it, its not a bad choice and looks impressive 🙂

    The brother-in-law was playing BF2 last year and he told me to have a little blast…. I loved it !
    Do you know what happened when I shot at someone ? THEY DIED !! Its a shame the COD games can't do that xD Wish I'd bought it at release but it was a bit late and I'd already pre-ordered Black-Ops 🙁

    P.S Before anybody sends a cheap message saying its cus your crap on it don't make me laugh, I am decent on it when the connection is bad (usualy the only team member to have + kills), when the connection is good I can be unstoppable like alot of other players. I don't usually get top score every match but I've always got the least deaths cus I play strategic so the Battlefield series should be right up my street, I look forward to letting people know when they're being shot in the back as I do on BO's… except nobody listens on BO's…. yawn…

  • HA!

    Is CoD getting boring? Honestly i never thought it was much fun. but just wait, putting out the same game every year will really win some fans. I’m sure they have tons of fresh ideas for the new CoD Red, CoD Blue, CoD Silver, gold, orange, radical red, green, purple, glamorous gold, super silver, badass blue, white, black, yellow….

    I dont think infinity ward has to step their game up at all anyways. All the cry babies and kids that need heavy aim assist should have a game to play too, right?

  • guest

    mw2 and black ops is highly overated game full of 14 year old fan boys who spend most of their time hacking and then whinge and cry when they get caught and banned, i've seen the trailer for bf3 and honestly i think bf3 is gonna rape mw3 so hard that mw3 will be shitting out crapy add ons!!!!!

    • lol

      *ahem* lets pretend you said 12 year olds…

  • Lava

    i have played cod 4, W@W, MW2 and Black Ops.. I took a look at the new Battlefield 3 trailer, and came to my own personal conclusion that, if Infinity Ward wants to compete with Battlefield 3 they will need to OVERHAUL their entire system. They need to start from scratch. The truth is, MW2 and Blackops are pretty much the same game set in different time periods. And to be honest, it's sad that all the die hard COD fans still shell out money to play pretty much the same "game" every time. You would think they would ask more from the developers. COD is just living off hype now.. It's a dead horse. Recycling the same tired game play and graphics only works for so long

  • i work at taco bell

    battlefield will destroy call of duty its the same game over and over and all it is is a bunch of kids sitting in corners and killing you its so bad i dont understand why people like it so much especially black ops its horrrrrrible

  • gggggggggggg

    "bf3 story mode you get to fight against ******ed snipers! if it was realistic in the slightest all the marines would have been dead in the second gamplay trailer. ridiculous. modern warfare ftw "


    Staying behind cover and effectively avoiding sniper fire is unrealistic to you? I guess getting nuked by a crazy dictator who would bomb his own country would be more realistic….right~

    • Guest

      You sir, deserve a medal!

      • lol

        -and a cookie-

    • Guest

       Have you ever seen how third world country’s train there men they cant snipe.

  • I_SHOT_U_99

    Who ever says Battlefield Sucks has never played a Battlefield game in their life.

  • Expert V Pro

    To be honest i have more confidence for bf but that doesn't mean i don't like cod.I hope cod crushes bf and isn't it funny that when iw are making mw ,bf decide that there going head to head with us and plus cod is more enjoyable like private matches.MW2 was the best by far and black ops behide and the rest are pretty crap.cod sucks balls

  • unistudent

    with the internal disputes within infinity ward and activision they won't produce a spectacular game from my point of view

    where as bf3 has everything going for it including an advacned engine which is far superior to any call of duty game's engine

    call of duty is just a plain, point and shoot game running around in comparison to battlefield where you have to work in squads with specific roles

    not the menion vehicles in bf3, jets and helicopters

    this will be the best one yet

    • HA!

      CoD has vehicles too! …lol RC cars hahaha. i remember back in the day.. fighting wars with explosive RC cars.. something you youngsters wouldnt know nuffin about!

  • george rodriguez

    Modern Warfare 2 is the best multiplayer game I've ever played and it's because of 4 factors. Movement,graphics,weapon sound,and most important hardcore mode!
    From the looks of Battlefield 3's trailers, it looks as though MW3 maybe 2nd place.

  • Cbjgggb

    you all probably have cod and you all probably play it often

  • Funky Walrus

    Call of Duty I have played since the first game and I have enjoyed them. But aftter Modern Warfare the standards have been dropping, nobody can deny that. Personally I still prefer the first Call of Duty's to the later one's even if they are "old". Battlefield on the other hand for me is a fairly new thing that has only started up for me since Bad Company 2 came out. I've had my copy of Battlefield for about a year while Call of Duty has not had the dust wiped off the disc sice a month after Black Ops. I was a Call of Duty fan but I have to say Battlefield is simply a better game, forget sales it is just better (Sorry CoD fanboys). The experience is stronger, it has better visuals and sound effects. It is more realistic and introduces much more features into gameplay. So my affair with Battlefield is thriving while my divorce papers with Call of Duty have been signed.

    However I hope people don't judge me on having two wives because I love Halo and always have, So I tell you what why don't we play what we want to play and live a little.

    • HA!

      ahhh halo… the game of the gods. balanced.. competative.. fun.. graphics are smooth.. kills are satisfying..

      If there is one thing i can commend CoD for, its that i havent had to deal with many kids under 17 on halo since black ops released. Thank you IW.

      • lol

        No truer words have been said. I originaly got my xbox for halo and it will always be a nostalgic memory (even if i'm 14)

  • Ham Solo

    From my experience with both games, this is what I think. Call of Duty is going down, Battlefield is taking over. Their were way too many hackers in the last modern warfare. Battlefield is state of the art compared to the same crap engine COD has.

  • RespwnENT.

    psh…BF3 could be MW3 or It won't…..but remember people there's a new gaming studio on the horizon. Respawn Ent. and I can give a really good guess that whatever they unleash next year….will kill CoD and probably BF….but who knows! we will have to wait and see what is up with this years FPS showdown.
    What BF3 brings to the table is BIG, with all the destruction, strategy, "Maturity" ( I use the term lightly), less arcade like, and other things…so it will be a big challenge for MW3 to handle.
    MW3 right now is only bringing a non-changed 2005 engine (that has been able too sell Popular CoD games over the years….Originality is best I assume) to the table, what idea's could be implemented for this game to compete with BF3, we'll thats hard to tell considering if MW3 puts Destructible Environments, More "team-work" and such then you could say that MW3 just took BF's ability at "realism" and made it their own, but we won't know such until MW3 is announced needless too say 2011 we are all in for quite a battle and a surprise.

    I know I will get whatever CoD game comes out, BF3 will be a Blockbuster game for me. still remember the ever lingering thought that John and Vince and key portion of the old Infinity Ward are out there (Respawn Ent.) with a FPS that will make something that could possibly destroy both Franchises.

  • Stevo

    Modern Warfare 2 was awesome. Black Ops seemed great at first but it was pretty much just the same game with new maps and killstreaks. The Call Of Duty franchise is Activision's cash cow and they will keep pumping out games every year, which means they won't really change much. Battlefield 3 is years in the making, has a state of the art engine, and will be a much better game than any COD title. However, it is also more strategic, less arcade-like, and has a steeper learning curve, which means it will still sell less than the popular, mass marketed call of duty games.

  • Adrian

    BF3, hands down is the Cod killer.. one of my greatest achivement is that i converted my freiand a hardcore MW black ops player to upgrade his skills to BF Bad Copmany.. he hasent touched the Cod game in months and we cant wait 4 the BF3 to come out.

  • Free-2rhymes

    cod is just a better game end of story even if youare 4, 12 , 30 or even 2 years old you can still see that cod is better

    • NewBF3-FormerCODChap

      COD is that good ? On multiplayer all you get is lag lag lag, p2p servers suck and BF don't use them thats why it'll always be better than COD 😉

  • Sir John Thomas

    Let's see…….MW2 and Black Ops each make Activision over 2 billion dollars…..Black Ops is the most successful video game of all time….."maybe we should change the engine?" Not something anyone there was heard to exclaim. This is one of those things the editors at newspapers likes to do. "Hey McDopecrapper! Write me a story about why people hate the sunrise, air and white puffy clouds!!"

  • Zulu

    Both the Call of Duty franchise and the Battlefield Franchise are two superbly crafted FPS genres who both have their own unique playing styles.

    The fact that Cod has used the same engine in the most recent installments is testament to it's innovative nature, it's reliability and it's depth in abundance as they are still not quite scraping the barrel with it's relevant design.

    The fact that the once underdog BBC, is competing and looks like it could potentially scalp COD with it's impending masterpiece is truly exciting and I for one can't wait.

    This is he Cold War of the games industry, one super power threatened by another pushed to the limits in displaying it's superiority and being forced to reflect on it's strengths. COD will not die however, anything that makes so much money rarely does and furthermore I think once the fanbases' patience has been tested that little bit too much then it will be forced to take the risk and change the formula.

    Until that day, I will be in ownership of both games, using COD as respite and fun inbetween heavy, stressful but more rewarding campaigns of battle on a scale even google earth would be proud of.

    In the words of John Locke: "I saw the eye of this island. And it was beautiful."

  • zackk

    bf3 story mode you get to fight against retarded snipers! if it was realistic in the slightest all the marines would have been dead in the second gamplay trailer. ridiculous. modern warfare ftw

    • Lef

      in saying that, think about this. would you get really annoyed if you played a game where as soon as you stepped out from behind a corner, you got your head blown off… its only like that so you can actually succeed at the mission and you don't get really annoyed at the game.

    • jumbles

      zackk are you being serious? cod games are not more realistic than BF games, if you played one you would know. tell me this, what are perks in the real world? Is sleight of hand actually a syringe of adrenline that he shoots up to reload faster?

    • Tenzing

      oh yeah and doing 360 noscope is realistic in CoD!

    • i work at taco bell

      are you retarded call of duty games are the exact opposite of realistic pay attention

    • guest

      hate to tell you this…but there hae been many instances were a squad of marines went up against snipers in real life and won. So that reason is invalid.

  • mark

    COD is a great game: the MP is well made and the campaigns are consistently good but the problem with all of its success is that other games which are coming out (for example Battlefield 3, Bulletstorm, Crysis 2 etc). get much less interest so while they innovate and work hard to improve things and can be much more fun and exciting, a lot of gamers just stick with a game that hasn't really changed much in 4 years.

  • HotfireXG

    If you are a FAN of FPS games…..then you should reward innovation, not historical hype. Historical hype is all that COD have left now. As a fan of FPS games, we all should unite and purchase Battlefield 3. We all should reward developers/artists who are putting in the hard work to please us. Frostbite 2 is a new engine. Give these guys credit for evolving video games for us. ( There are games in our history that changed gaming and EVOLVED FPS games. But COD has not really evolved. They have used the same engine since 2005.

    Golden eye 007, Half-Life / Counter strike , Halo, and COD and Battlefield) all great games.

  • Serge

    I think Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 is going to redefine FPS games. Because all of the Modern Warfare series was a Huge success.

    • Christian

      All they will redefine son is the amount of profit you can make off a crappy rushed game.

    • Ham Solo

      Stop children whats that sound? Modern Warfare is goin down!

    • i work at taco bell

      its not going to redefine fps games its going to be exactly the same the only game that refined anything was call of duty 4 which was the best call of duty i might add

    • Cod is noobish

      It's gonna be the same thing though… Lol.

    • Adam Ridley

      Rofl redefine, more like reiterate.

    • Adam Ridley

      Rofl redefine, more like reiterate.

  • xXGlazerXx

    I'll have to agree with the majority of the people here, although I'm not a Battlefield player myself I've observed the game a lot and can say it looks a lot more innovative and interactive then any COD game. People say video games shouldn't be realistic huh ? Fuck that, I like a sense of Realism cause it doesn't emit that wimpy arcade feeling that COD games give out. I bought every COD game to date but to be honest they get boring quickly, especially multiplayer. And dear developers to the new COD, renaming perks, adding a few guns, and including shitty maps and then making us buy good ones in a future DLC… Umm nooo, I'm tired of this standardized formula these COD games have. As we know the majority of people play Multiplayer when it comes to FPS games, I myself always liked to play Campaign, COD 4 was the only campaign that I replayed at least 5 times. But the rest lol… Quite boring and generic. I honestly don't know what to expect from the upcoming COD but I know for a fact that it'll be overhyped by all these 12 year old kids who believe their experts just cause they use a FAMAS Haha… Anyways thank god Battlefield fans aren't blinded by Activisions stupid marketing…

  • Kaizer

    Well it's all been said… well almost and I want to add my two cents into it.

  • Kaizer

    Well it's all been said… well almost and I want to add my two cents into it.
    Personally I love MW2 it's the best FPS I've ever played. Black Ops seriously disappointed me, not because it wasn't as good as MW2 but because it wasn't any better.

    Battlefield 3's graphics look far superior but we won't know exactly how much better until the game is released at the end of the year. It will either be awesome or a big disappointment – and with the teasers they've really created huge expectations.

    Getting back to COD – The challenge is that Infinity Ward, the developer of MW2 is not the same Infinity Ward that is supposedly developing MW3. Last year they lost the two main guys and a whole bunch of key developers. So who is Infinity Ward now and what are they capable of…? I guess we'll have to wait and see but I would be very surprised if they have the ability to deliver a superior package with a new / updated game engine at this stage… and quite frankly if they want people like me to stay with COD they're going to have to do something awesome and new because I for one am not spending cash on a rehashed version of MW2 or Black Ops – Been there done that time to move on…

  • paulie

    I liked the 1st Bad Company game & had just as much fun with that as i did COD 4, but Bad Company 2 just REALY bored the hell out of me,campaign was real boring,it had veichles u could drive for like 2 seconds,it took the cool things from the 1st Bad Company out,i think the only bit i liked on Bad Company 2 was how buildings collapsed. I could never get online on Bad Company 2 ( turns out people from all over the world have the same problem) i played the 1st Bad Company online like twice but it failed to keep me entertained. Now the COD series although not always great they have still made me go out and buy every single one of them,got hooked on MW2 Online,now changed and hooked on Black Ops online,love how they add British S.A.S in the MW series and im realy looking forward to MW3,sure i wish it had better graphics as im a graphics whore,but i will still be buying it before Battlefield 3.

  • Major

    There is no indication whatsoever that the next COD is going to be Modern Warfare 3, though I would personally be pleased if this was the case (unless it is a prequel as the rumors say).

    Modern Warfare 2 was definitely a good fps, great story, great graphics, slightly better gameplay than COD4 with it's amped-up engine, but it also had its flaws like all games, the weaponry and features in multi-player were incredibly unbalanced, and the lack of dedicated servers on the PC version annihilated the incredible potential the game had for various mods and user-created maps. Hacks and exploits were also a big issue with the game.

    But to those who complain about immature 14-year olds and other such childish players, you have to realize that the game IS an arcade-type shooter (unfortunately) and is oriented towards all types of players, which is what made it such a high-selling game. I make sure to remember this whenever I'm online, because it doesn't matter how much you hope for teamwork or tactical gameplay, the game itself was not made to fit that style of play.

    Everyone is different, we all have different tastes. If tactical gameplay is what you're looking for, then you need to try games that emphasize that, such as MAG or Bad Company 2, instead of complaining about one that doesn't (COD series). Find a game that suits your preferred style of play, don't hack down the ones that don't.

    Personally I like to play COD here and there, it just depends what mood I'm in. If I feel like running around like crazy and gunning down every person I see, I'll play Free-For-All on Black Ops. If I'm looking to have fun cooperating and coordinating with my friends to fulfill an objective, I'll play Acquisition on MAG.

    As for Battlefield 3, the graphics are looking simply amazing, the ANT technology and the new Destruction 3.0 engine seem incredibly promising, and the sounds are reporting to be as realistic as ever. When the last months of the year come, I will look forward to purchasing this game as well as the next COD installment (whether it is Modern Warfare 3 or a different game). You can't simply dismiss either of these games when they're not even close to being released yet, only after I've played them extensively will I pass judgment on which one I believe to be better.

  • troy

    i love both games and ill be buying them both…

  • side-fish

    I dunno why they DICE is always competing with Infinity Ward. BC2 was released to compete with MW2. Now BF3 is going to be released the same time as MW3. They never seem to compete against Treyarch for some reason. Just me though, I think they should compete against Treyarch if they want to challenge the COD series as a whole. I also don't think it's fair that DICE always compete against IW. Again, that's just me.

    Though MW3 will be based on the same engine, they know that this isn't the same IW before, so I think it's just right they stick to MW2 engine, which already looks better compared to MW.

    Honestly, I'll be buying both. I don't want to end my relationship to the MW series on a sour note (which is why I'm hoping MW3 will be a sequel to MW2 instead of a prequel). BF3 trailers look promising so far.

    • hamsolo

      nice, a good comment, both are good games with advantages and disadvantages, I love both series.
      in my opinon, COD single player, battlefield multiplayer

    • Dynasty2021

      Err, thats because CoD is crapped out every year and DICE only really release a game every 2 years or so, so when DICE DO end up releasing a game, it's when it's Infinty Ward's turn to slip a CoD out.

      DICE has pedigre, theyve been around longer, were releasing games before CoD came along, and every DICE game released since has been ALMOST flawless. No hackers, no real glitches, only lag and connection issues in the first month or so…just like every other FPS out there these days experiences.

      Whats-his-face says that creating a new CoD engine would be counter-productive…yeah, because a new engine takes time, like DICE have done spending years on Frostbite 2.0 which, im sorry, CLEARLY BLOWS COD'S ENGINE AWAY and you CAN NOT dispute that unless you are blind and deaf, and time is something Activision doesnt have these days due to stock and shareholders demanding a new game every year. Therefore, every CoD is the same as there is not enough time to create something new.

      CoD is nose-diving like a dart, and Activision are milking it dry before it inevitably slams into the ground and sales fall.

      All it will take for investors to walk away is one CoD game that doesnt sell as well as the last, and I can see that coming this year. Even if CoD invevitably outsells Battlefield 3, which I will admit will probably happen, I can see ALOT of CoD players buying BF3 instead of the new CoD due to boredom, and THAT will result in a CoD that doesnt sell as well as Black Ops, and the downfall of CoD will accelerate.

      BF3 will be the best FPS this year, unless Deux Ex blows it away.

      • Darc

        yep they killed CoD just like GH and Tony Hawk, quite sad really, Activision please stop leaching the life out of our games!!!


    Darkpoopin is both right and wrong, and thank you Anonymous, you're correct. CoD at least had integrity up until MW2, even if the formula was stale a LONG while ago. Battlefield has at least included something to change things up, with large maps, numerous vehicles, and destructible environments. I've played all of the games posted extensively, though i refuse to buy a single CoD game, ever. If infinity ward or treyarch want to get real integrity back for the CoD franchise, and make them great and unique instead of just good and extremely bland. And again, activision owns (literally) both infinity ward and treyarch. BATTLEFIELD FTW

  • bob

    modern warfare 3 is goona own battlefield 3 and cod games are waaaaaaaay better than battefield games and they don't boring bt sucks

    • Christian

      If ignorance was gold…

      • lol

        Funny, I was just thinking the same thing…

  • DarkPoopin

    I've played Modern Warfare (Infinity Ward) which was good, i kinda played World at War (Activision) and it SUCKED campaign wise, I played Modern Warfare 2 (Infinity Ward) which rocked for a while, and i played Black Ops which all around SUCKED. Do you notice a pattern? Infinity Ward games are good and Activision's suck. Its stupid that 1. Infinity Ward made every other CoD game and 2. That activision pretty much just gave them the finger last year or whenever. So you have to worry whether or not someone good made this game or not, but with EA you have the same people making the games, pretty much a garentee that the game will be awesome (if you like the Battlefield series). I used to like the CoD series but now it seems like they don't really care about the consumers, just about making profit, i mean did you see what they did with the PS3 version of Black Ops? Did you see all the problems they had? Yeah they really handled that as their top priority, didn't they (they didn't). If you're going to be a game company like Activision then you need to please the people, and unfortunately EA is doing that alot better than Activision is. So i think that CoD has finally ran its course, they should let someone else step in and change the FPS market for the better, too many people are copying CoD's multiplayer options and that might be good if they do it well but sometimes…..i dont know……

    • Anonymous

      Treyarch, not Activision. Both Treyarch and Infinity Ward are owned by Activision. And not gamer slang owned, business owned.

    • urmom

      the only good Call of Duty Game, is a dead Call of Duty Game. (except nazi zombies, and sometimes treyarch, when im in the mood) battlefield 3 will be epic.

    • tom

      Acitvision are the publishers, infinity and TREYARCH make the games!

  • DiZz_oPe

    I think it just depends on your style, Cod is more rewarding it feel like when u kill something. If Cod broght vehical driving it would be so fkn amazing, i d shit myself an smile

    • ert

      COD will never have vehicles because they know they can't compete with BF

    • Ryan

      CoD is by far the most unrewarding game for getting a kill all you do is run in get a kill then someone will spawn near you and kill you, then you do it again. It's so easy to kill someone on CoD but on BF you can actually get a warfare feeling to the game. BF has variety whilst CoD is just pure repetitive.

      • Cod<Bf

        I think cod killstreaks feel rewarding but down to the kill, bf is way better. In bf you use teamwork and that is by far better.

  • Ryan Clarke

    Battlefield 3 will be the best fps ever. Fact. I've played battlefield for years, and I have also played the recent COD games and I just get bored of COD so quickly, as its full of kids and its too 'arcadey' and not strategic in the slightest. Battlefield has always been the greatest fps with the greatest fans too. Thumbs up BF3!!!

    • RJuddy21

      Goood answer, maps on COD are too small, easy spawn trap. Too many mods. If they don't update the engine it'll be mods and hack every year. Battlefield 3 will shut down the video world!

  • TheMj513

    between the to( COD and Battlefield) theres no competition. its the same game with different style. these games can only get better by always topping each other with the next game. For example, Black ops had a great storyline, even hinted the next game ( black ops 2 ). now try battlefield, SEE A DIFFERENCE. didnt think so. im personally COD guy, but it doestnt matter. its a close race to the end.

    signed TheMj513

    • Tenzing

      Yeah i am gonna agree with you that Fail Ops did have a way better singleplayer than Bf:Bc2, but in fps we play for the MULTIPLAYER! not the SP and Bf:Bc2 has a way better MP than Fail Ops. Even one of my friend who only plays CoD as a shooter told me that Black ops was garbage!

  • Sultan

    why fix it ( update game engine) if it aint broken

    • Christian

      What! The CoD engine IS outdated and IS broken! So broken that it gets so many players to rage and get bad tempers. You sound like an Activision activist.

    • Lynchbread

      But it is broken…

  • TKO

    COD Games will always be great…for about the first couple of months. Than you start to realize they just over hyped it and it is really the exact same game play as the last 3. Oh different guns and perks but really has changed between them. They never add anything that truely makes the game play the best out there. I'm hoping battlefield can offer something new and different. Otherwise all FPS are all going to be the same.

  • expertmark5man


    BF does not have a 14 year old fanbase. COD does. Just about everybody that plays BF are at least 17 or older. There's a LOT more mature people on BF and they are nice too. COD players complain and whine on XBL, and most are racist or curse at everyone. COD players cheat and hack, while in BC2 there are hardly any cheats or glitches. YOU got the fanbase mixed up, you are the 14 year old.

    • LogSpoon

      Hi there, my name is assumption. Who needs charts and graphs… calculations and numbers? On the internet, you can just assume something is true by saying it's true! If I think I'm right, then I must be right… right?


      Aww, you titty

    • S3NAT0R5

      I totally agree with you. The 14 year old doesn't know what he is talking about and BC2 is the dominant game in this situation by far. Also, so many people said MW2 was such a dissappointment so if it was the best game he has played in years, I do not know what drugs he is on. Edy, did Infinity Ward pay you to say all of that bull****

    • *ahem*

      Is there anything wrong with being 14? I try to be polite and literate on xbl, unless when i'm with my friends. But to the point, you can't say that all 14 year olds are a**holes, because thats stereotyping. I agree with you how battlefield is better that cod, but i just cant sit here and listen to you stereotype me just because i'm 14. Besides, most of the kids that say their 14 are 9-12 trying to be cool. You can't be very social if you think all 14s whine and scream and cuss on xbl, you gotta meet the good ones, because myself, and a lot of other 14 year olds, like to be a team player. lol look how long this message is.

  • overR

    call of duty gets games get quickly boring, its just an arcade shooter. atleast battlefield steps it up to a team aspect game and widens there levels and makes a step closer to realism. playing with perks ??? getting across a map in 20 seconds. kinda silly to me. Fun and it may be huge in the gaming community, but majority isnt the best thing sometimes. Being a vetern player of all CoD series and Battlefield (sorry bad company, you were a POS) i honestly thing when it came down to fun…battlefield 2 took the cake.

    • Rich

      Bad Company 2 was not a POS. Just because it wasn't Battlefield 2 doesn't make it any less fun. So what if the maps were smaller? The action is always over the top and adrenaline pumping. I don't know if BF2 ever gave you adrenaline rushes, but it didn't give me half the adrenaline that Bad Company 2 does. Sometimes the battles are so intense that I feel like I'm going to have post traumatic stress disorder. Destructible environments PWN! Taking cover and knowing you're going to have to get out soon because the mortar strike that was just called on your position is going to take down your cover adds a new level of immersion.

  • I suck CODs balls

    @ edy
    i think its the 12 year olds that play cod

    • robot92

      that what he said

  • Edy

    Battlefield what? It seems to me like battlefield is apple with all their flash and shit. while cod has a great fan and loyal fan base. most the people who talk down on COD are the 14 year olds who want to be game designers and dont know jack sh. about games. CODMW2 was by far the best game ive played in years. ranks up there with GTA4.

    • adam

      lol whattttttt battlefield? flash? lol! call of duty is the biggest in your face flashy micheal bay wannabe game out ever since COD 4, battlefield has a loyal fanbase to it was the game that pioneered alot of the great features you enjoy in most fps today besides perks ( in battlefield you dont need kill streaks you just fly the chopper yourself, you fire artillery yourself)! as much as I love cod I love battlefield to and dont like to hear that type of innacurate opinion because dude your just wrong.

    • Coollink83

      I agree with u there gta4 and the cod games are good but I've played or the cod and bf2 and none of them compare to socom cnfrunttation it is by far the best army solder game on the ps3 the missions are good the graphics are top notch and the game is so mush more realistic than any of the call of duty games put together

      • LogSpoon

        The Socom series has a very loyal fan base, and I've always enjoyed the shooters released under the Socom title more than any ever released. Realism, TRUE team work, and top notch game play.

    • Rich

      You're obviously what REAL gamers call a FANBOY. Dude, just because Battlefield isn't part of the COD series doesn't make it a bad franchise. That is just what YOU think, because more than likely you have never tried playing it and you probably think COD is the be all and end all of FPS, which it is not. COD is good, but Battlefield is good and in some areas it is better. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is an amazing game with destructible environments and the ability to use real vehicles that you would find in a warzone. You can't destroy buildings in COD games, you can't use attack helicopters or tanks. That doesn't mean COD is bad, but it does mean that Battlefield is going a step further.

      Also you reference GTA4, HA, any REAL gamer would tell you that San Andreas was way more fun to play than GTA4. You're the type of person who gets drawn in by hype and popularity, not by fun, thats why you will never experience the things that I and others like me have experienced with games like Battlefield Bad Company 2 or Grand Theft Auto San Andreas or even Minecraft. So enjoy being spoon fed what Activision wants you to believe is the most fun you will have for your money and leave the other fun filled and entertaining games to gamers who actually play games before they criticize them.

      • Scott

        Rich I couldn't agree more with you there. CoD and BC2 are both great games, each in their own way. BC2 with the vehicles and the destructible environments, and CoD with its… well what is the selling point of CoD? The only reason I play it is because of my mates, its a much better game played in a team, much like BC2.

        I have to also agree with you about GTA San Andreas, that was and will be for a long time the must fun i have had playing any of the other GTA's.

    • Ryan

      Wow, you obviously don't know anything about gaming, you CoD fanboy. You are so wrong it's laughable. The people who say CoD is useless are older experienced gamers. The only reason CoD has a loyal fanbase is fanboys like you who don't care how good a game is just because it isn't CoD. And my point is proved by your statement that MW2 was one of the best games you've ever played, MW2 is considered a terrible game by a huge percentage of even CoD fanboys. I can't get over how ridiculously uninformed you are. Battlefield will be unimaginably better than MW3.

    • The real Eddy

      No man, you probably use a headset in call of duty right, you have too, your going to tell me that you haven't meet any kids in a lobby, i haven't heard a damn squeak voice kid in any Battlefield games bro. your mistaken badly.

    • Jesse

      The fan base is a bunch of 14 year olds! The only reason so many people play it is because the game is so easy. There is no challenge and no goal. The only reason it got popular in the first place was its snipers and that got boring real quick. The cod fanboys just won't touch any other FPS because they are scared to play anything that is challenging. I can get on cod and carry a team with a 5.00 K/D easy. On games like Halo with a MLG circuit it is MUCH harder. Battlefield 3 will destroy MW3 because it has teamwork and it is more realistic. On cod I get in arguements with wanna be gangsters and pot smokers with their clans. ITS HILARIOUS!

      • Truth

        I am such a cod fanboy, but I'm saying forget mw3 cuz bf3 looks amazing.

    • bob

      jack sh. ?

    • Sam

      The community seems to disagree with you there, dumbass

  • LogSpoon

    MW3… End of story

    • LogSpoon

      I remember when WAR was going to be the WoW killer…
      BF3 looks good, don't get me wrong, but they did something really bad… They released videos of game play, exposed a ton of information about their new Frostbite engine, and more. They jumped the gun, giving not only the public a look in to how BF3 will be, but IW also. IW made a smarter move by keeping things under wraps. Who says now that IW as a company can't go back and make things better based on what's been released already by EA about the new Frostbite engine? From a business perspective, IW made the better move, by not making a move at all.

      • xXGlazerXx

        Once again I have to agree. From a business perspective and with a team of developers/software specialists they can easily manipulate their current work and alter it just to make it better then BF3. I'm just curious what this next COD will be like… I swear if the Graphics look like ass then lol…

      • Christian

        The whole truth: Infinity Ward made the wrong move since the firts Modern Warfare, where they modified the Quake III game engine to fit their game. Not a smart move. Now today, considering what you said, DICE has amde that extra leap and has shown what technology can really do. It's now safe to say that Infinity Ward can go back and change their engine, but they won't! They admit it's counter-productive and will take 2-4 years to make a new engine from scratch. Truth is they are not gong to do that, and that is the wrong move. It's also wrong for IW to "keep things under wraps" because intuition says they now there is nothing new, and they don't want to spoil fan's expectations, which is the wrong move. Battlefield 3 will be the most technologically advanced game ever made.

      • Darc

        unless IW can build an engine from scratch in a few months between 3 different studios its over, I almost feel like this is CoD's dying breath trying to save itself, it has become childish and unrealistic… sad… but true… really looking forward to BF3 putting the 8 year old brats to bed.

    • Christian

      What the fuck? Modern Warfare 3 is the end. It will be very bad compared to other CoD games, so many CoD players know it. Fortunately for Battlefield 3, all macho hardcore players will play that because they know the real purpose of playing war first person shooters. Battlefield will reign supreme in the Fall of Duty.