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Apple iPad 2: Rear Camera Quality Disappointing?

For those of you who are lucky enough to have already picked up a new iPad 2 tablet from Apple, we want to know what your general impressions of the device are, with specific reference to the rear camera quality. We’ve seen a video online which suggests that the video camera quality isn’t as good as the iPhone 4 camera.

That video has been provided by RedmondPie, and it shows a sample video taken with the rear iPad 2 camera, take a look now below so you can get an idea of the average quality for yourself.

Obviously, the quality isn’t amazing, and it does seem like the camera quality isn’t as good as the camera featured on the iPhone 4 which takes decent photos and excellent video recordings. It has been well documented that Apple has failed to give exact details on the rear camera specs, and also the exact quality of the front-facing camera.

Dare we say it, but are Apple afraid that the iPad 2 camera will come in for criticism if they announce the exact specs? RedmondPie believe that the iPad 2 rear camera quality is similar to that seen on the iPod Touch, which is obviously less impressive. If this turns out to be true, it’s a bit disappointing that the iPad 2 won’t be able to take videos with at least the same quality seen on the iPhone 4.

Have you already taken some photos and videos on the iPad 2? Get in touch with us and have your say on this matter.



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