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2011 Best and Worst Paying Jobs: Search With Apps

If you are currently searching for the highest paid jobs and are also interested in knowing what the worst paid jobs are, you’ll be interested to know that there are a few apps which can help with this very subject.

We all want a high paid job in life, but sometimes it isn’t easy to find just by searching via the conventional methods. With this in mind, why not try your hand at searching for some vacant positions with the help of your trusty iPhone or iPod Touch?

One app we’ve picked out is called ‘High Paying Jobs’, and it’s currently available to download now from the App store or iTunes for free. The app lets you browse through millions of job opportunities, and usefully, the app will divide jobs and categories based on the location you insert into the search bar. The only downside to this free app, is that it is US-only at the moment. You can view some preview screenshots over at App Shopper here.

If you’re looking for some of the worst jobs of 2011, you may be interested in this AT&T Jobs portal app we’ve found on iTunes. Ok, perhaps we’re being unfair a little bit to good ol’ AT&T, so we’ll cut them some slack. On a serious note, the worst job in 2011 at the moment is a Roustabout, according to CareerCast’s list over at the WSJ. That’s closely followed by an ironworker, a lumberjack and a taxi driver believe it or not.

That list of best and worst jobs in 2011 is very interesting though, so make sure you check it out. Do you know someone with a really good or bad job? We’d love to hear your suggestions below.



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