WWE All Stars: THQ Confirms Demo Release Date

By Tina Chubb - Mar 14, 2011

We have some really exciting news now for all you WWE fans out there, as THQ has just confirmed that they will indeed be releasing a demo for the much-anticipated WWE All Stars game. The demo is due to launch in the UK on March 22nd for Xbox 360 owners and March 23rd for PS3.

According to a recent article by Shubhankar Parijat over at gamingbolt.com, the upcoming demo will feature two characters from the WWE All Stars roster (which you can view in a previous article here), Rey Mysterio from the ‘Acrobat’ class and The Ultimate Warrior from the ‘Brawler’ class.

As Parijat notes, the ‘Brawler’ class is very ‘button-mash’ friendly, making The Ultimate Warrior the ideal character for casual players. The ‘Acrobat’ class on the other hand is more finesse orientated, making Rey Mysterio the perfect choice for hardcore fighting fans.

Although the demo features two-player local multiplayer, it unfortunately doesn’t feature online multiplayer. Because WWE All Stars spans across generations, parents will no doubt want to play the game with their children. The WWE All Stars game is due to arrive at the end May/beginning of June.

Are you pleased that there is a demo on the way? Who will you want to play as, Rey Mysterio or The Ultimate Warrior?

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