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WiFi Motorola Xoom: Release Date and Price at Staples

You may remember an article we wrote last week which informed you that the highly anticipated WiFi version of the Motorola Xoom would be launching at Staples on April 3rd, but now we have a contradicting report which suggests that it could come much sooner.

A new image has been obtained over at Droid-Life and it reveals that the WiFi Motorola Xoom will actually be hitting Staple stores on March 27th, which is obviously earlier than the April 3rd date previously flying around.

Furthermore, the flyer also lists a $599.98 price for the WiFi model which is the same as Motorola’s official price for the WiFi model, and obviously more expensive than that discounted $539 price we saw listed at Sam’s Club.

The WiFi Xoom is obviously coming at the end of this month or beginning of April, but the date may still change around a bit until then, so be prepared for that. Are you holding out for the WiFi edition, or have you already splashed the cash on a fancy new 3G version of the Xoom? We’ll update you when we hear any further details on pricing or release dates.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on Motorola’s Twitter page here for any official updates on their side.



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