Video Games Activity Hit Hard by Japan Earthquake: Games Companies offer Charity

With the devastating events that have recently happened in Japan, many have been left dead and many more missing, injured and homeless. Our thoughts are with the families of those affected but today we are bringing you news of what affects the Earthquake has had on the games industry and which games specifically are affected.

We previously brought you news of what impact the events have had on electronics companies that are based in Japan and also how the release date of Motorstorm: Apocalypse which was due out some time this year.

Thanks to an article by Johnny Cullen at VG24/7 we can bring you a roundup of some of the games being directly affected by the tragedy. Metal Gear Online and Final Fantasy XI, XIV servers have been shut down by Konami and Square Enix in light of the explosions in one of the country’s Nuclear power plants. This is to save as much energy as possible as the country will need it.

Also according to the article, several gaming events have been postponed or cancelled. A number of games companies have also come forward offering aid and charity in order to contribute to the revival of the country. Sony and Nintendo both donating ¥300 million, that’s about £2.3 million, to the cause.

More details about what other games and events are being affected can be found at the link above. Also if you are planning on donating to help Japan you can visit this link to British Red Cross here. What are your thoughts about these devastating events? Are you being affected by them? Let us know below.



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