Top iOS 5.0 Predictions: New Features Wishlist

By Alan Ng - Mar 14, 2011

How happy are you with Apple’s iOS 4.3 software update for mobile devices? It’s fair to say that there wasn’t any groundbreaking features to get excited about although the home sharing feature was a nice addition. With this in mind – what would you like Apple to add for iOS 5?

It seems likely that Apple will skip iOS 4.4 and move straight up to iOS 5 for the next software update, which means that the update is expected to be a major one with significant improvements for users to look forward to.

We’ve found an excellent article over at TechRadar, which lists 12 areas in which Apple need to improve upon for the release of iOS 5, which we hope will happen at WWDC 2011 in June.

Ideas include better folder options, as you can agree that the folder icon at the moment in iOS 4.3 is actually pretty ugly and dull, we’re sure Apple can come up with a better way of organising apps but still having a stylish interface to view them in. Other possible option for iOS 5 is wireless syncing, which we agree would be a great feature to have. This would be particularly useful if you want to sync some fresh music tracks instantly, without having the need to hook up a cable all the time.

We’ve also mentioned a few weeks ago that a brand new lock screen could be a possibility for iOS 5. This lock screen may end up looking like a similar design which you currently see on Android devices, meaning that the four digit code could be replaced by a series of dots and patterns which you’ll need to link up.

What features do you want in iOS 5? We’ve listed a series of them below in a poll for you to vote on. If you don’t see a feature on the list that you think should be added for iOS 5, leave us a comment below.

[poll id=”321″]

take 10, put in a poll and ask the users to vote for their most-wanted feature from the list, also to comment on anything else they would like to see.

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  • Anna

    ORGANIZING! not organising! anyways, I would really like to see better folder functionality.

  • Crow

    Just jailbreak for these features and MORE duhhhh

  • Argentino

    I would like to see some improvments in the iPod player! for example:
    – repeat a-b,
    – an option to enqueue a song to play after the courrent song
    – mark a song to be removed in the next sync
    – posibility to disable the annoyng coverflow (without locking rotation)

    And in general:
    – Multi touch gestures
    – The option to completely close an app, maybe holding home button for 1 second…


  • Troy

    In my opinion i think apple waits this long because they want to see other companies try to compete and they dont suceed. So apple will make MUCH BETTER soft and hardware for users.

  • Apple Develpoer

    all of these opinions about flash in ios 5 are incorrect. flash will never be available in IOS 5 but it is not because of speed or money it is because when flash is used there needs to be a contract between Adobe and Apple specificly for the IOS devices. However when Adobe and Flash do agree to these contracts then flash would work fine and there would not be any problems with speed. Hopefully Apple will Agree to use flash in one of the newer IOS releases.

  • Ivo

    The speed of 4.1!!!

  • Jojo

    I Personally would like the new lockscreen to be like a rotary combination lock you would have to need to use multitouch but it would be awesome

  • Alexander

    Flash ain't going to happen. That's 100% certain. Flash is buggy anyway, who needs it! 🙂

  • Harbmaster

    Screw flash it will never happen. SMS quick reply and a revamped notification is very possible, locks teen information is also very likely in a NON ANDROID WAY, BLOGGER. Apple will do it in a way that like always makes sense. When you say music sharing I'm kinda hoping Bluetooth file transfer between Idevice and non idevi e, in a system manganent way that way it won't depend on apps but on the iOS. Remember, flash won't come because apparenkth adobe is lazy

    • dryuu

      No, it's not got to do with Adobe, it's got to do with Apple's standards. Flash slows down the system. The end.

    • PsychKnight

      Adobe isnt lazy its just apple competes with them, and it would be too much space on an iphone 5, if there will be one, also apple will have to allow a LOT of new apps that people would get from safari.

  • tayub

    i wanna see retina scan security for the front facing devices because the hardware is already there its just implementing the software

  • Bill


    • conner

      Eh i dont like widgets and i dont understand why every one does. all it does is clutter the homescreen and make it look like a crowded interface

  • Josh

    Quick messaging without leaving the app you are currently in. It should pop up like the preview does now but let you reply. It would be awesomes especially for watching Netflix and for gaming… And flash shouldnt even be on the vote cuz it'll be a cold day in hell

  • Spike

    I really want the gestures feature to be available and not just for developers but for everyone

  • gigabait

    Flash obviously…
    Surely they won't add it, as if they do they will have to allow a lot of apps that will influence their moneymaking to the device…