Take Free IQ Test With Apps

By Gary Johnson - Mar 14, 2011

Most of us would like to improve our knowledge and IQ, and thanks to some free applications we can easily test our IQ and even improve it.

The IQ Test assesses your knowledge in eleven different areas of intelligence, and it will reveal both your strengths and weaknesses. Some of the areas covered include general classification, mathematical, visualization and more. Your progress is recorded and you can even email your results. This is available on the App Store for iOS owners.

5 Minute IQ Test is great for people who want to do a test but don’t have the time; you can even play with your friends and post your results onto Facebook and Twitter. This is also available for owners of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad on the App Store.

A+ IQ Test not only gives you an IQ test, but will also test you with EQ, AQ, Psychological Age, Health Test, and Character Test. Users will have you to complete tests within a time limit to get the results, and tests can be paused and saved to finish another time. There is a search feature so uncompleted questions can be found. Head over to the App Store to download and more information.

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  • Sego

    Thanks, exchangerates! That's the last thing I need – more scam e-mails!

  • Why take an IQ test? If you use your email for it, you get a bunch of scams. Take it from someone like ME. I took this stupid quiz, and for the person who checks her email EVERY DAY I get weird business people trying to 'connect' with me and I'm sick of it. DON'T TAKE ONE IT IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!!!!!