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Skip iPhone 5 Release to Keep Older Models – Is it really that bad?

It is becoming almost inevitable that the Apple will introduce the iPhone 5 at their WWDC 2011 event at the start of June, but how many of you are actually planning to buy the device and how many of you believe that older iPhone models are still good enough for you.

At the moment, no-one knows the design of the iPhone 5 since Apple has so far managed to avoid a repeat of last year’s iPhone 4 prototype leak, so all we can do now is speculate on what sort of appearance and features the device will have. Obviously the design is going to look different to the iPhone 4, and there’s going to be signficant hardware changes and features to entice iPhone 4 and owners of older models to upgrade to their new device.

But for those of you who are currently happy with the likes of the iPhone 3G/3GS and iPhone 4, do you feel the need to upgrade your device straight away, or are you planning to stick with the older models until a price cut or other incentives are announced?

There is a good chance that the iPhone 3G and 3GS will receive an upgrade to iOS 5, so actually we’d agree with you if you’ve recently bought an iPhone, there may not be enough new features to warrant you spending another sum of money for the iPhone 5, and let’s face it – it isn’t going to be cheap.

This is more important to iPhone 4 owners perhaps, as the current set of features and hardware on the device are still pretty impressive compared to new handsets that are getting announced as we speak. Sure a dual-core processor would be nice, but it’s probably not worth a complete upgrade for – would you agree with this?

Where do you stand on this debate? Are you going to keep your current iPhone model, or are you going to upgrade to the iPhone 5 at the first opportunity?



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