HTC Thunderbolt: 30-Days Late on Best Buy Delivery

By Gary Johnson - Mar 14, 2011

Despite a lot of talk and speculation we still do not know when Verizon will get round to announcing a date for the HTC Thunderbolt. But it does seem the handset was due for release a while back, and unfortunately for a lot of Verizon customers the handset has been delayed.

An article over at Android Community by Chris Burns is reporting that a pal of theirs decided to pay their local Best Buy a visit at the weekend. In the mobile department of the store were racks which had buyer’s guides with the Thunderbolt on saying available now. We reported a while back that some Verizon customers were getting flyers with the device also advertized as being available.

This must mean the store was due to get the device by now, as no store would advertize merchandise they didn’t have. Also found in the store was a couple of different cases for the Thunderbolt, and the person in question was told they would be getting some more cases and at least one skin for the screen soon.

The assistant in the store was asked about the Thunderbolt and was told “it was supposed to arrive a month ago”, and that they had not been told when it would finally arrive. The worker who was asked about the handset was specializing in the mobile area, and seemed aggravated by the lack of the HTC handset.

So this information begs the question who is to blame for the delay with the Thunderbolt? Have HTC had issues with manufacturing or is it Verizon holding things up?

Tell us what you think about the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt debacle.

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  • Jim

    Verizon’s customers, have the silly notion that the Verizon board of directors actually cares about us other than as consumers of whatever they are benevolent enough to provide whenever they choose to provide it. AT&T must really have Verizon scared of losing market share to the Atrix. Otherwise, Verizon would not have their subordinates distribute literature and spend countless dollars for nightly television advertisements during prime time to advertise a phone that is not available so effectively does not exist.
    We are just collateral issues for a company whose management is so ineffective at bringing new technology to the market that they lack the confidence to plan a release and must resort to damage control tactics to and big secrecies to avoid the truth.

  • Setsuna

    im right there with you Andy that has gone on long enough. Vzw says there has never been an official release date so how can the phone be pushed back. & also Apple is suppose to be to blame for the delay as well from what some of my vzw friends tell me. I'm sure HTC is beyond ticked about the release fo their phone. Hopefully soon all of this nonsense will be over & they will say something. Tired of seeing facebook posts from HTC & VZW about we will be announcing soon when the phone will be out just release it already!!!!!

  • Andy

    I think that Verizon and/or HTC needs to address the issue. WTF enough already. What's the big deal just level with us istead of pissing us off. Verizon is showing it's customers little or no respect. And I (a longtime customer) am lossing all respect for them as a company. This is not how you treat you "loyal" customers!!! SERIOUSLY!!! Say something worth hearing on the subject!