Dragon Age 2 Controversy: Ban and Reviews

By Tina Chubb - Mar 14, 2011

BioWare’s much awaited Dragon Age 2 game has only been out about a week, but it’s already caused quite a bit of controversy in that short amount of time. One of the reasons is the reviews that the RPG title has been receiving, which have definitely been a bit of a mixed bag.

For example, Edge magazine recently gave the Dragon Age 2 game a disappointing score of 6/10. According to Darren Allan over on the techwatch.co.uk website, the controversy was fueled even more when a recent story hit the headlines.

The story in question was about a gamer being banned from playing his copy of the Dragon Age II game, due to a comment he had previously made on the BioWare forum. The person is said to have asked BioWare if they had sold their souls to the Electronic Arts devil.

Shorty after the post was reported, the gamer was blocked from BioWare’s social network (an account that gamers are required to have in order to install the game bought from the EA store. As you can very well imagine, a rather impressive hoo-hah ensued.

While it may not be uncommon for a player to be banned from the multiplayer component of a game, they have never received a ban from the single player as well. Chris Priestly, BioWare’s senior community coordinator quickly responded, saying that there had been an error.

As soon as they learned about the error, EA restored the gamer’s account and are said to have apologized for the inconvenience caused. What do you think about the reviews and the accidental ban?

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  • Maran

    I've seen a lot of negative, draconian moderation and rumors going around. It doesn't surprise me that EA would try something like this at all.

    Obviously all these honest reviews around are hurting their sales, it is a 70 or 80% game at best. Good for a once playthrough action RPG nothing more or less.

    People blame consoles for dumbing the game down, no the devs have just been either rushed or lazy on this one, the fact someone was banned over it is disgusting and the man should think about a full refund if nothing else. As far as I know free speech should not be met with a banning of either multi or single player, he should have full access to the features he's purchased or his money back if they cannot provide it.

  • dman

    the ending was bullshit

  • MesonW

    Siding with Edge's 6/10 also comes gamesTM's 6/10. These two tend to be my main guidance on games and while they don't always agree with me or each other, they've got to have a point here. I was tempted by DAII prior to its release, but the thing just sounds painfully boring now.