COD Black Ops: Best Selling Game in History – Can Modern Warfare 3 Compete?

By Alan Ng - Mar 14, 2011

Despite being released back in November, Call of Duty: Black Ops continues to receive accolades and this is the biggest of them all. It has just been confirmed that the game is now officially the biggest selling game in the US in history.

The news has come from the NDP Group who confirm that Black Ops’ 13.7 million sales in the US beats Nintendo’s Wii Play to become the best selling game in history, as reported from CVG – quite a remarkable achievement when you put it into perspective against some of the amazing games we’ve seen over the years.

It also may be a surprise to some of you who were previously thinking that Black Ops would never touch Modern Warfare 2 in terms of both gameplay and sales, but it looks like Treyarch is having the last laugh.

The question on our minds though, is will the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 be able to top Black Ops? It’s meant to be releasing in November, just like Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops did, and it will also be going head to head with Battlefield 3 which is worth a mention.

Do you think Modern Warfare 3 will beat Black Ops, or has Treyarch’s game set a benchmark? We all said at the time when Modern Warfare 2 was breaking records that it wouldn’t be beaten, so don’t be surprised if Modern Warfare 3 ends up doing the same. Let’s hope Activision and Infinity Ward, what’s left of them do not disappoint.

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  • Ferg25

    Not knocking black ops for being a bad game but in now way does the gameplay compete with the MW's. MW2 is sooooo much more clean and crisp. Black ops was def hyped up because of the boost mw2 gave. The only thing about black ops that made the game even worth buying is the wager match option. I honestly do NOT want to see another game made by Treyarch. I will NOT buy it

  • Chris78

    I don't see y everyone hates Black Ops, Treyarch went out on a limb to put out something different than the usual and I think it's great, sure it could use a little more rethinking but they have something with the currency aspect of the game and the wager matches but being able to buy any attachment you want to start off with may consider having the marksman challenges mean something again, and the head shots don't mean much because you get whatever camo you want. Other than that the game is impressive, and has one thing that MW can't touch, Nazi Zombies

  • Treece

    The only reason Black Ops sold a bunch of games is because we all thought it was going to be better than IW's Modern warefare. I think at this point we can all agree that it wasnt. Had it not had MW2 as its boosting point it wouldnt have sold half of what it did. Black Ops is a second rate FPS at best. MW & MW2 are hands down two of the best FPS's ever made.

  • Tony

    You can guarantee it will outsell Black Ops just based on hype alone, its not until everyones had the game for a few months that they realise its actually full of bugs & needed another 3-6 months development time instead of being rushed out in time for xmas (e.g black ops). So yes, it will outsell Black Ops, hands down but that doesnt guarantee an amazing game. I think they should spend more time developing these games & release less of them, taking time to ensure bugs are fixed, boosting & challenge lobbies arent possible etc. as these things just ruin the longevity of the games for most buyers. The reason they develop a game every year (or 2 years depending how you look at it) is purely about money, and ensuring a C.O.D game is always named Game of the Year, and because they want to get the xmas purchases every year, fans come last in the eyes of the developers, their quarterly profits come first. Shame as the game has so much potential, it should be so much better.

  • CandyCorn

    Can Modern Warfare 3 compete? Are people really thinking it wont? Black ops sales came from hype. Modern Warfare 1 & 2 had great gameplay…well up untill people brought in the mods. The problem is, MW3 is already basically trying to bring in hype with all this Infinty Ward, even though the leads are gone and Sledgehammer & Raven Software are basically in charge. So either way sales will be big, but we can only hope they wont try to overhype it on that alone.