Badoo Facebook App: Propelling Higher

By Gary Johnson - Mar 14, 2011

Facebook is more than just a place where people catch up with friends or family they haven’t seen in years. There are many games and applications on the social networking site and the Badoo app has seen its popularity grow significantly recently.

Badoo is a social networking application which is like a dating type chat room, and a picture rating site. According to an article on All Facebook by Brian Ward Badoo has 46,044,167 monthly users. This makes it the second most popular application on Facebook behind Causes.

Game wise Monopoly Millionaires has seen a massive growth in its users recently, with an extra 1,350,510 people player last week alone. An article over at The Independent is reporting that the fastest rising Facebook page was James Cameron’s Avatar, with Badoo following behind it.

With Facebook having over 500 million users developers look at more ways to engage users of the social networking site. Popular games such as Farmville and Mafia Wars have proved a big hit on the site, and the upcoming Angry Birds is likely to prove a massive hit with Facebook users once it’s released.

What are your favorite games and applications on Facebook?

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