Should UK worry over iPad 2 release date?

By Gary Johnson - Mar 13, 2011

We told you the day the iPad 2 was launched that shipping times had increased after only a few hours. Since then even though customers have seen their online iPad 2 orders arrive early, shipping estimates have been pushed out to three weeks to a month.

Josh Lowensohn over at Cnet is reporting in an article that with these new shipping times, and limited availability at retail stores Apple may be having trouble keeping pace with demand. Unlike last year consumers cannot reserve themselves an iPad 2 before launch date.

Some analysts like Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster have estimated Apple sold between 400,000 to 500,000 units on day one. That is around 200,000 more than the original iPad sold on launch day. Apple is expected to announce official figures tomorrow as it did following the release of the original iPad.

Last year the original iPad was launched in the US in mid April, but the first batch of other countries to get the device had to wait until the end of May before it was launched. So with the iPad 2 getting longer ship times in the US, what does it mean for the UK and the rest of the world?

Should customers in the UK start getting worried about seeing the launch date getting pushed back like last year?

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  • Jane

    This is a site on the iPad 2 not japan Libya or the fall of the euro if we all worry about all the bad things going on in the world we might as well not have a life.

  • Andrew

    "Should UK worry over iPad 2 release date?"

    No, UK should worry about potential nuclear disaster because of the Earthquake in Japan, UK should worry about the escalating troubles of Libya, UK should worry about the fall of the Euro.

    I don't think UK needs to worry about a delay in the iPad 2 release date. But that's just me.

    • John

      Then why are you bothering to comment on a product review site in this "time for worrying" you damn hypocrite.

    • Gary g

      Mate I agree they are all worrying about iPad what about those poor people in Japan ,G

  • Lee

    This year Apple has staggered the stock i feel. They know demand is going to be massive and have planned it out right. I work for a Apple reseller in the UK and so far no mention on a delay. Stock im sure will be replenished in the US over coming days

  • Mickey

    I'm hoping that due to the Xoom, Apple have increased the shipping times as they cannot keep up with demand, but will maintain the UK release date, rather than using the european stock in the states and delaying us.

  • T James

    I hope not, though it seems likely. As you said, last years release date was pushed back and Apple sold 200, 000 units less, so a delayed release date for us does seem inevitable really. The fact that we haven't had any formal announcement from Apple as to when it will definitely be available seems to lend credence to the delay. Hopefully we'll know more tomorrow.

    If the date is pushed back considerably like last years iPad release date, it'll be interesting to see whether or not would-be iPad 2 customers purchase an alternative such as the Motorola Xoom. I'd like to think so, but Apple seems to have a grip on consumers these days; me included.