New Verizon iPhone Alarm Clock Glitch: 2011 Daylight Saving

By Gary Johnson - Mar 13, 2011

If you use your iPhone to wake you up of a morning make sure you have a back up alarm, as there seems to be problems with some Verizon iPhones clocks and the daylight saving time.

Brenna Ehrlich over at is reporting in an article that some owners handsets clock fell back an hour instead of going forward. If you didn’t already know daylight saving time happened last night/this morning, so everyone gets one less hour sleep.

But the trouble is some Verizon iPhones have fallen back one hour, and the problem hasn’t been restricted to Verizon, as some AT&T owners have also reported problems. There are reports that some handsets behaving as they should, so it is not affecting everyone.

There was a similar problem back in January where some users reported problems with their alarms on the iPhone. If you have noticed your iPhone showing the wrong time try restarting the device or go to the date time settings and turn the automatic setting feature to off.

This problem is not affecting everyone with an iPhone, but it would be worth having a backup alarm just for tomorrow, unless you manually set the time on your device. Let us know if you have had problems with your iPhone clock.

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  • Steven

    My iPhone 4 alarm didn't work on March 13th and 14th (today morning). I did many tests, shutting down completely etc with no luck. It happened on January 2nd or 3rd too. So yesterday I had an idea to set back to date to March 9 before the daylight savings time change, tested and it worked. So I left with the wrong date and it worked in the morning. But this is not a real solution, I don't think I should always set the date back from now on. It is not reliable at all.

  • Paula

    I am an AT&T iPhone subscriber and had my iPhone alarm set for 8:30 this morning and it rang at 7:30! Go figure!

  • Guest

    I have AT&Ts Pantech phone, which they admitted in my local stores has been a headache for many of their customers. The time still hasn't changed. This phone is crap, and now these geniuses can't even figure out how to reset the time? I guess phone companies don't have to worry about good service. We serve them, and they know it.

  • Newt

    Both my daughter & I set our alarm before going to bed last night. It was turned off and we both missed out flight this morning

  • Worn Out

    I work at a Resort on the Graveyard shift plus I live in Arizona (which does not change times). Most guest did not have the correct time. Woke up early, upset cause the thought the woke up late or missed there flights. Usually the phones help but this year its worst! Cause not only iPhone but Blackberries too! Long story short it was a living nightmare! Long long night! Please fix this by Fall! I'd appreciate it!
    -Worn out Resort employee –

  • Marie

    My Droid Ally had the wrong time until I took the battery out and replaced it. When it came on it said 7:40 for one second and then switched to 8:40. Until I read this and reset the phone, I was convinced I had gotten the time change weekend wrong.

  • Guest

    I don't have an iPhone, by my LG/Droid (through Verizon) simply did nothing–no falling back, no springing forward. This has never been a problem with other Verizon phones I've had over the past eight years, but I'm glad I didn't have anything important to do first thing this morning. Stupid smart phone. Fortunately, your first tip for the iPhone worked for me, too–the correct time appeared as soon as I restarted it! Thanks!