iPad 2 Yellow Screen Tint, Problem May Fade

By Tina Chubb - Mar 13, 2011

Shortly after the iPhone 4 was launched back in June last year, we started hearing reports of slight discoloration on a specific section of the Retina display. Users complained that they could see some sort of yellow stain in the bottom right-hand corner of the display.

Now it appears that the same thing is occurring with the recently released iPad 2. According to a recent article by Arnold Kim over on the macrumors.com website, a few people have now noticed a yellow tint on the screen of their brand new iPad 2s.

When the issue first occurred on the Apple iPhone 4, it was put down to the bonding agent that is used to bond the layers of glass together. Apple (or maybe Foxconn) was shipping the devices so fast, that the evaporation process was unfortunately not complete.

However, after using the phone for one or two days (especially with the screen on), the yellow blotches were said to have disappeared. The same rule should apply to those that are experiencing the same problem on their iPad 2, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Have you been experiencing the yellow tint problem on your new iPad 2 displays?

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  • Fdisini

    My iPad 2 has a yellow stain on the screen and safari crashes all the time.

  • i4G

    HAHAHAHAHAH….. apple fan boys eat your icrap and like it.

  • Aaron

    I also have the yellow bleeding screen problem,,,,,,, Also when I use facetime my camera freezes and,, stays frozen until a full restore is done. Does anybody else have this problem with facetime?,,,,,, Stood in line four hours,,,, to end up taking it back the next day. Now I am without an ipad until who know's when,,,none available anywhere. Thanks for making such a solid Apple product????????????

  • Valsam75

    Dont confuse apple with Microsoft (see xbox rings of death, windows blue screen of death) e.t.c
    apple if anything else at least means product quality and thats a fact.

  • thedude61636

    apple always has some thing wrong with their stuff