iPad 2 WiFi only sufficiently

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 13, 2011

When is an iPad 2 with WiFi only sufficient? Most people may find the answer to be most of the time, having owned the first iPad in both Wi-Fi only and 3G options, my experience over the 3-months following its launch showed that 3G was not needed. This is not the same for everyone, but it’s our view that most people might not need 3G access.

You can find hotspots for the Apple iPad 2 in many places; these include libraries, airports, train stations, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, and a lot more. Access to the Internet has become much easier in 2011; you can get Wi-Fi access almost anywhere.

Apple explain that the iPad 2 with Wi-Fi only is perfect for those accessing the web from home, or if you plan on using hotspots. Unless you spend most of your time in a car, then you may want to consider that the Wi-Fi only model will be sufficient.

You also need to consider the price difference, a 16GB iPad 2 with WiFi only costs $499, while adding 3G takes the price up to $629. If you plan to use 3G then it’s a great option, but if you do not it could end up being a waste of money.

With wireless access to the Internet expanding daily and hotspots found almost everywhere, do you think a WiFi only Apple iPad 2 is sufficient?

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  • Cc chia

    Yes, wifi only is enuf 4 most of us

  • PsychoTon

    Yeah, it's indeed sufficient!

  • srikanthpunuru

    Yes, WiFi only model is more than enough for normal user….

  • Openthreads

    When I travel for work, I have found most hotels I stay at have horribly slow WiFi….and these are hotels that cater to business travelers. The last Homewood Suites (Hilton) place I stayed in Denver showed as a whopping TEN times slower in the speed tests I conducted than my iPad's AT&T 3G. BTW, this matches my previous experience and test at a Hyatt Place on my previous trip.

  • Sara

    It's sufficient enough for me. I have wifi at home and when I really need to connect I will use the personal hotspot on my iPhone. I love this thing. I thought it was better for me anyway, to spend the extra money on 64G versus 32 just so I could have 3G. For me, I don't need it.