iPad 2 Video Review of Smart Cover: Protecting New Investment

By Tina Chubb - Mar 13, 2011

When Apple held their official iPad 2 event earlier this month, it wasn’t just the next generation tablet that caught the eye of Apple fans. Not only did Steve Jobs officially unveil the iPad 2, he also introduced us to a new and innovative case called the Smart Cover.

We’ve already provided you with a brief video that shows the Smart Cover – which as Alan Ng previously noted comes in two different materials: leather or polyurethane – in action, and now we have a video review, courtesy of Sean P. Aune over at technobuffalow.com.

As the video notes, the leather Smart Cover will set you back $69, while the polyurethane case will cost you $39. The Smart Cover, which attaches to the iPad 2 via two small magnets, will automatically wake your tablet when the case is opened and resume sleep mode when closed.

Another great feature is the microfiber lining, which will clean your screen as you use it. Besides serving as a screen protector, the Smart Cover also serves as a stand. You can either prop the iPad 2 up to a typing position, or turn it round to a landscape position for watching movies etc.

Because it’s quick and easy to remove the Smart Cover, it allows users to change to a different color and material if they choose to. You can also view an iPad 2 unboxing video in a recent pcworld.com article by Edward N. Albro. You can read more about the Smart Cover at apple.com.

What do you think of the new Smart Cover?

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  • Co-pts

    Smart cover is awesome, just buy the "back" Invisible Shield from Zagg.com

  • stephen nicholls

    Apple definately hasnt thought this through, why make a cover when it only protects the front, and not the back, surely anyone with half a brain, would know the back would get damaged without anything protecting it.
    I reckon the smart cover should of been included in the price with the ipad2, especially how expensive the ipads are.
    But no apple are just ripping people off as usual. I for one wont be buying the cover, i would rather just keep it in a case, at least i know all my pride poccession will be covered.

  • Omar molina

    What about the protection to the ipad in the back?
    We all really want to protect the new device as much we can, so is the new Smart Cover gives some protection or wich type or case can be the ideal, something that combines magnet wake up feature plus back protection.?