iPad 2 Data Plans Comparative Diagram

By Tina Chubb - Mar 13, 2011

If you’re thinking about purchasing the new iPad 2, then iPad 2 data plans have no doubt come into your thoughts at some stage. Choosing the right one for you can be rather confusing, especially as Verizon and AT&T are offering a total of eight different data plans.

As David Goldman over on the money.cnn.com website recently reported, those of you that use a little amount of data each month could well save money with AT&T, while those that use a lot of data would save money by choosing the Verizon network.

A data plan that has a 250 MB cap gets you around 1,300 web pages, 60 songs, 14 YouTube videos, 400 photographs or around one hour of Netflix viewing. A 1GB plan on the other hand gives you 6,500 web pages, 300 songs, 2,000 photos, 65 YouTube videos or 3-6 hours of Netflix.

Another question you have to ask yourself is how often you will be using the network, and how much will you be using Wi-Fi. There are two different types of data plans available on AT&T: pre-paid and post-paid. Both of these plans charge $15 per month for each 250MB you use.

Verizon on the other hand only offer post-paid plans, with four different tiers to choose from. You can choose 1 GB for $20, 3 GB for $35, 5 GB for $50, or 10 GB for $80. Verizon says that once a customer gets close to the upper range of their data plan, they receive an alert that enables them to sign up for more service.

David has provided more information on the iPad 2 data plans in his money.cnn.com article. You might also like to read our previous article here, which explains about the AT&T iPad 2 unlimited data plan for existing iPad customers.

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