Daylight saving time starts, did your tech change?

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 13, 2011

Some people forget about moving their clocks when daylight saving time starts, which being human is easily done although we wouldn’t expect our technology to be so forgetful.

Yesterday we touched on how gadgets can fail during daylight saving time, and the biggest tech problem of late was when the iPhone 4 alarm clock was an hour out of sync. Over 90 of our readers told their story back in November.

Daylight saving time in 2011 seems to have gone more smoothly, although we’ve heard of a few problems in the last few hours, one user said “Great. My iPhone is one hour late!” Have you had any problems with your iPhone or other cell phone clocks?

Sunday’s can be seen as the lazy day of the week, but that’s not the same for everyone and having the wrong time can still cause big problems, even on Sunday’s.

November 6 is when standard time returns. Today your tech should have set the clocks one hour ahead, now that daylight saving time has started, did your tech change?

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  • Shirl~

    We have 2 iPhones (3GS) and neither of them changed time. I can turn it off of auto and manually set it. A reboot did not do the trick either? I guess Apple has a problem to solve!

    • Shirl~

      I turned Airplane mode on, then back off and Viola… The time changed 😉 it is now fixed!! Yeah!

  • Tokimemofan

    aint just the I-device Samsung solstice did it too.

  • Anonymous

    I check my clock at 2:48 it reads 3:48 on the iPhone I go ahead and watch a episode of lost then I check my phone thinking wow it's going to read 4 but when I check it shows 3:18 but while posing this it jumped to 4:23 awesome job!

  • Jim

    My iphone shows 5:00 AM on top, but the 6:00 AM alarm did go off. Strange… very strange.

    • Sara

      I have the opposite problem! I set mine for 6am but it went off at 5am :'( two days in a row, I adjusted the auto time change and still no improvement.

  • Kathy

    My iPhone went ahead two hours as well, I turned the auto time change off and that fixed the problem.

    • Annonymous

      Mine too

    • Chris

      mine too

  • sillyauntjen

    Not just Verizon, I'm afraid… I'm an AT&T user and am experiencing glitches as well. At 2am here (CO), my iPhone jumped BACK an hour. Once 2am hit the iPhone clock again, it jumped ahead… to 3am. Still one hour behind my friends!

  • Mary

    My iPhone 4 went ahead 2 hours! Grrr with a 5:40 wake up this morning

    • Leah

      Mine also went ahead 2 hours!! It is still not the right time.

  • sandra

    my computers and alarm clock auto adjust to daylight savings time…apparently my iphone does not. i also have the new version from verizon. thanks apple for not fixing the glitch.