Daylight saving time starts, did your tech change?

Some people forget about moving their clocks when daylight saving time starts, which being human is easily done although we wouldn’t expect our technology to be so forgetful.

Yesterday we touched on how gadgets can fail during daylight saving time, and the biggest tech problem of late was when the iPhone 4 alarm clock was an hour out of sync. Over 90 of our readers told their story back in November.

Daylight saving time in 2011 seems to have gone more smoothly, although we’ve heard of a few problems in the last few hours, one user said “Great. My iPhone is one hour late!” Have you had any problems with your iPhone or other cell phone clocks?

Sunday’s can be seen as the lazy day of the week, but that’s not the same for everyone and having the wrong time can still cause big problems, even on Sunday’s.

November 6 is when standard time returns. Today your tech should have set the clocks one hour ahead, now that daylight saving time has started, did your tech change?



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