Apple iPad 2nd generation, Safari performance vs. iPad 1

By Gary Johnson - Mar 13, 2011

The new iPad 2 has double the processor power than the original, so how does it perform compared to the original device in some of the tasks that it will be used most for? The new model comes with 512MB compared to 256MB of the original, so should be much better when it comes to web browsing.

Andrew Wray over at TiPb has compared the two devices side by side when running Safari to see how they both compare. When using the original iPad having all nine tabs open really see’s the device come to a virtual standstill. As you run out of memory the iPad switches off background tabs which can be very frustrating.

Doing the same on the new iPad had none of the same issues, and the annoying lag which would occur before Safari could load the web page was thankfully nowhere to be seen. Scrolling with Safari is really smooth, and now when switching between tabs the whole page hasn’t got to be reloaded. Check the video out below of the two versions of iPad running Safari.

Web browsing is just one improved feature of the new iPad 2, watching movies and playing games will also prove to be a much better experience. But if you already have the original iPad is it worth upgrading this year? Have you upgraded? If so was it worth it?

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  • Walt

    Does "upgrade" mean "replace?"

    Paying the full retail price seems no different from what new-adopters who are not "upgrading" need to do if they want the latest version of this "walled garden" device.

  • SimonWz

    This is a surprise why twice the memory and twice the processors

  • SimonWz

    This is a surprise why twice the memory and twice the processors
    compare it to a android dual core

  • Carlos

    IPad first gereneration updated to ios4.3 ,no changeCar at all, no FaceTime in other words it sucks