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Verizon iPhone 5 Potential, Insight After iPad 2 and iPhone 4

Yesterday saw the release of the iPad 2 and for the first time Verizon Wireless had a new Apple product on launch day. Apple quickly sold AT&T Wi-Fi only models, but it seemed couldn’t give away the Verizon iPad 2. So with this in mind what will it mean for any Verizon iPhone 5?

An article over at Beatweek is reporting that in one Apple Store once all the AT&T iPad 2’s had run out, people didn’t bother with the Verizon version and just went home. The people in line at the Apple store all had iPhone’s on AT&T, and want the AT&T iPad as well.

Basically its better the devil you know, as the AT&T users knew where they might not get any coverage, and wouldn’t know where the Verizon dead spots would be. With the upcoming iPhone 5 this could mean that besides the users who already know that an AT&T iPhone will not meet their needs, the interest in the Verizon iPhone 5 from current iPhone users will be small.

It looks like in the future customers who already have the iPhone with AT&T are happy to stay where they are. So when the iPhone 5 becomes available we may not see many AT&T customers jumping ship and switch to Verizon.

The Verizon iPhone 4 has not been such a huge hit as Verizon would have hoped, but this could have been many consumers holding out for the next model.


  • cablvr

    My son & I went to Apple in southern NJ Friday afternoon and the VZ & AT&T 3G sold out within 2 hours. We were there for the 64wifi which sold out by 8PM.

  • Carl Brooks-Lytle

    Consumer media doesn't take into account the reality that many people are happy with older products.
    Most of the people i know with iphone actually have the 3gs.

    They love it.
    Why does older mean bad= it doesn't.
    People that buy the 4 now don't need to buy the 5 in a few months. The iphone 4 will be more than fine for several years.
    VZW doesn't even have 4g/ LTE up for real yet.

    don't believe the hype.

  • if verizon does get the iphone 5 (which i hope they do because thats what I'm waiting for) they are actually being smart… hype the iphone 4 and sell a couple million of them and in 5 months when the iphone 5 comes out half of those ppl will upgrade to the iphone 5 and have to pay retail price since their 2 year agreements will not be up

  • The reason the iPhone's bezel looks a few shades darker is from the flash. The flash on the camera used to take this picture makes the Macbook look darker than it actually is.

  • scott

    or simply because the verizon can't do anything online if your on the phone. why would you leave something for the same thing that does less?

  • Susan

    My daughter is holding out for VZW iPhone 5. Me, I'm happy with VZW Android products.

  • David

    I'm switching to Verizon in Aug. Me and my wife are goin on a Verizon iPhone 5 family plan

  • Rich

    "The Verizon iPhone 4 has not been such a huge hit as Verizon would have hoped, but this could have been many consumers holding out for the next model."

    That's exactly what I'm doing, waiting for the iPhone 5 before switching…and I know several friends and co-workers doing the same.


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