HTC Thunderbolt secretive release date learned from Apple

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 12, 2011

HTC and Apple are showing some similar qualities this year, and for HTC’s Thunderbolt release date it seems they are taking notes from Apple. While some buyers may see these qualities as problems and bad customer service, we cannot help but think its part of a bigger plan.

Apple is known for their secretive approach to all product release dates and information, now HTC / Verizon seem to be following this same plan. News about the HTC Thunderbolt has been very secretive since CES 2011, and while they did give us an indication of a release in the first half of the year, not much else has been said other than leaks.

We know the HTC Thunderbolt specs, which is something you will never know about iPhone 5 before it’s unveil (other than leaks), although we see a trend of more mobile brands following Apple’s approach for the release of new technology.

The battle between HTC Thunderbolt and iPhone 5 may still be more about marketing, and small leaks of information than ever before. Verizon has done a good job of keeping the Thunderbolt in the forefront of everyone’s thoughts, thanks to the lack of official communication.

People have been complaining about the delays, but what’s the betting they will still buy the HTC Thunderbolt anyway? Or have you moved on already?

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  • James J

    HAHA. I've wondered if the iPhone 5 will fall short of expectations. I am a hug fan of HTC, and I know the wait will be worth it! I am a DISH Network employee and subscriber, so I will be installing the DISH Remote Access app once I get the Thunderbolt. I will be able to stream over 200 HD channels on that high res screen. Now, I only have to play the waiting game!

  • Not Him Again

    Can't wait for all the disappointed apple fanboys when the iPhone 5 is announced not being 4G.

  • Dave

    It's all a marketing gimmick.. I doubt the public will ever know what is behind it.

  • John

    If what you suggest is true about Verizon following Apple’s strategy, I think this is a big mistake. As a long-time Verizon customer, I am losing my loyalty with this company. Customer loyalty will be a key factor for future success of the cell phone providers. “Everyone” now has a cell phone which is a environmental change from the past. The market has changed from acquiring new customers to maintaining current customers.

    Verizon’s Thunderbolt release strategy has been a huge flop in my opinion. The “no information” approach is wrong. There are many of us who do not like the Apple “control game”. I was excited about this new phone but now think I will look at other phones and providers. As a long-time HTC owner, I can’t understand why HTC allowed this to happen this premier phone?