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Batman Arkham City: Official Release Date on Xbox 360, PS3 – Must Buy?

We have some good news for those of you planning to pick up the highly anticipated sequel to Batman Arkham Asylum, as we’re pleased to say that Warner Bros has just put out a final release date for Batman: Arkham City.

We all knew the game was due out at somepoint towards the end of the year, but now there’s no need for any further speculation. The game will release on October 18th in the US, and October 21st in the UK – three days difference as usual.

Considering how good the first Arkham Asylum title was, we have a feeling that Arkham City is going to be a must buy for Xbox 360 and PS3 owners, and that the outcome of reviews for the game won’t really affect decisions to buy or not – Arkham Asylum was really that good.

New villains will be introduced for the game, two of which include Hugo Strange and Two Face as reported from VG247. Catwoman will also feature, but the exciting news for fans of the first game, is that Joker is very much part of the storyline in Arkham City as well, although those of you who were hoping for a co-op mode with him and the Bat may be left disappointed.

How excited are you about the upcoming release of Arkham City? Is this game a must buy for you like we predicted above?



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