Tesco Mobile stopping personal hotspot feature of iOS 4.3

By Gary Johnson - Mar 11, 2011

The latest software update from Apple has only been available for a couple of days, after the company released it ahead of schedule. One of the new features of iOS 4.3 is the personal hotspot feature for the iPhone. But not everyone is able to use the service.

Gareth Beavis over at TechRadar is reporting that Tesco Mobile users with an iPhone 4 have been complaining the new feature was not on their device, despite updating to iOS 4.3. The feature will allow users to send their data allowance to another device via Wi-Fi.

Tesco Mobile have since confirmed it doesn’t currently support tethering or the portable Wi-Fi hotspot feature. A spokesperson did confirm they will introduce it sometime soon for its customers, but didn’t mention if it would cost any extra. The company offers the iPhone 4 on short twelve month contracts, but for those customers not having this feature must be really frustrating.

Do you have an iPhone 4 with Tesco Mobile?

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  • Owen McDermott

    I would just like to inform you, after a phone call with Tesco Mobile.
    This feature is still not available.

    It’s because TESCO Mobile back off 02 – This means their Bandwidth is not strong enough.

    So this leaves us TESCO Mobile customers – Out in the dark.

  • I too have been ripped off unknowingly. Now this is even more reason not to shop at Tesco! Their computers rip off at the supermarkets too: when u see offers on the shelves, they don’t apply them at the tills, the staff rush you out at the tills and only when u get home do u find that offers were not applied. Then u go to Customer Services another time, the queue is ridiculous, then when u get to the person thereThe computer “says no” and u feel a fool! From now on, I photograph their offers on the shelves! Most of all, I now avoid shopping at Tesco!

  • Fethiyeli

    I’m sooo glad my contract is 1 month rolling contract. Since I have same problem as everyone else here, I will be moving back to Vodafone immediately. At least I will be sure of getting the full signal and no restrictions on how to use my data allowance. Does anyone else also getting cut off frequently with execuse of call failed note on the phone screen? I’m positive it’s not my iPhone 4 but network issue in central london. Come on TESCO MOBILE, where is every little help slogan you r proud off? It is more like EVERY LITTLE RIP OFF HELPS you increase your profit margins. What a waste of time and money. Supermarket chain should stick with the job they meant to be doing, supermarketting not ripping of on other business fields.

  • Greendave

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that unlimited texts doesn't mean unlimited. My daughter just received a text from Tesco telling her she was nearing their "fair use" limit (didn't say how many) and they would start charging her (me) 10p per text……….argghhhhhhh

  • Greendave

    I have 3 iPhones from Tesco. To sum-up: Pro – Slightly cheaper than some other providers, Cons: Voicemail is a nightmare – no visual voicemail (just a text often hours after the call and not telling you the number that called), no call waiting (goes to voicemail and you don't know until you get the text some hours later) and no WiFi Hotspot tethering for my iPad and MacBook. Regrets, I have a few………………….

  • stevielatphoto

    I have spoken to Tesco mobile regarding this issue ( first person didn't even know what it was, had to ask a supervisor ). I have signed up to a 24 month contract @£45 a month, and I have 17 months left. They also don't enable call waiting, which is massively annoying. None of these exclusions were mentioned when signing up. I told them that in no uncertain terms I will be leaving when I fulfil my contract and that I will NEVER consider Tesco Mobile in the future. I think we all should warn people of this 2nd rate service. After all they are basic functions of the iphone.

    • Sharynmckenna

      I agree with you . Tesco mobile is a second rate service. I only signed up with Tesco as I was told it was identical to O2. It is not!! No call waiting- very annoying! No visual voice mail- I use this a lot… Or did when I was on O2! Now I can’t screen voice mail calls that may be important. Or listen to them again easily. Tesco should inform people of these omissiUons.
      Incidentally it would seem that all other providers allow voicemail if you download hullo mail app. But not Tesco. I too have about 17 months left on Tesco! I will be going back to O 2 as soon as contract over!

  • jonnolan

    Yep I'm with Tesco Mobile and I am disgusted with this Big Brother attitude to tethering. They'll no doubt try to squeeze more money out of us to use the data we've already paid for ! Talk about strangling the technology. I went to Tesco Mobile because of their decent rate for 1GB (compared with O2 (bizarre considering its the same network)) and now they're getting scared we might actually want to use it, very bad move TESCO shame on you.

  • jaffa

    yet again the consumer is pumped up the ass.

    Honestly, what is the reason for this? And how soon is soon? And Can I put a non tesco firmware with the hotspot feature on my tesco phone?

  • Pete

    Stupid… I've emailed them asking them for a good excuse as to why they've blocked it… as I'll certainly be moving from Tesco at the end of my contract, if they don't sort this out… and Visual Voicemail too. It's stupid! I've got Gb's of usage, which I hardly use on my phone but my ipad is on an extra 3g contract costing lots of money!

  • Dave S.

    I'm on Tesco mobile anyway, after this issue I'm going to switch another UK supplier sincei t is cheaper than taking out 2 contracts (1 for iPhone, 1 for iPad). Are all the other UK mobile companies supporting this feature ? I don't want to be burned twice…..

  • Greg

    I agree if people cannot manage their data allowance that's not a reason not to enable hotspot. I have paid for 1 gb allowance and it should be for me to decide how I use it. Hotspot is a really useful feature for that odd time I need to connect a device. Come on tesco, in these austere times every little helps!

  • Ian

    Im with TescoMobile and just updated my phone and spent the last 15 mins trying to find this new option and couldnt see it, so did a search on google and found this story.

    They are starting to drive me mad, if i am paying for a service with a specific amount of bandwidth, who are they to say i cant use it as i want.

    I will be contacting Trading Standards over this, as this is the equivalence of BP selling fuel for cars as long as the car is not Orange. if i am paying for a service, then the service is for me to use, if i go over my quota, then it is my problem and i will pay for that usage.

    • Paul

      Too right, let us use our data allowance as we see fit, silly people who overshoot their allowance can fund the service for the rest of us

  • Shaz

    And we don't get visual voicemail. Tesco didn't say we were signing up for a second class service!

  • Im on T-Mobile's iPhone-35 contract and I get sent to mobile broadband signup page I've used USB and bluetooth tethering before and it all worked great, but with 4.3's personal hotspot it's a no-go!

    T-Mo's twitter support is saying that it's now "standard practice" for tethering, which is complete and utter rubbish. From using my 3G allowance to an extra £2 a day is a bit steep!