Suzuki Burgman Fuel-Cell Scooter to Hit European Roads After EU Approved

Fuel efficiency and saving the environment are two key aims for vehicle manufacturers these days. Battery powered electric car and bike concept are showing up here and there and today we bring you news of a new scooter that has just got the backing from the the UK’s Department of Transport.

The Suzuki Burgman Fuel Cell Scooter is to receive a WVTA (Whole Vehicle Type Approval), this means it meets EU performance standards and will be eligible for the roads of Europe. This hydrogen powered vehicle is the first of its kind to receive the certificate and marks potential for other manufacturers to produce similar powered vehicle and offer an alternative to the battery powered eco friendly motors.

No word on the scooter making it across to the states as of yet. Check out the full article at ElectricCarsReport for more information. What do you think of the Scooter? Will you be getting one? Let us know below.



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