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Real Racing 2 HD: New iPad Game Hits Apple App Store

Back in December last year we announced the release of Firemint’s much awaited Real Racing 2 game for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. However, iPad owners then started wondering whether or not the developer would release a dedicated iPad version of the game.

It now looks as though it’s time to stop wondering, as the Real Racing 2 HD app has just been released onto the Apple App Store. Part of the delay of the iPad version of Real Racing 2 was due to the fact that Firemint wanted to see what Apple’s plans for the iPad 2 were first.

Firemint has claimed that the Real Racing 2 HD game has been optimized for both the original iPad tablet and for the iPad 2’s extra performance muscle. The HD game, which requires iOS 3.2 or above and costs $9.99, will of course have all the same features as the iPhone/iPod Touch version.

You can view a screenshot from the game in article by Jared nelson at Will you be downloading this on your new iPad 2?



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