Pwn2Own 2011: Safari and IE8 Hacked Easily, Chrome Survives

We have some very interesting news for those you who are familiar with the annual Pwn2Own hacking contest, in which individuals try to unlock tight securities on some of the most popular operating systems on the market today in exchange for cash prizes.

The contest is ongoing as we speak, with the likes of the iPhone and Windows Phone 7 operating systems set to be put to the test by cunning hackers, but the headlines so far is all about Apple’s Safari browser, Microsoft’s IE8 browser and Google Chrome.

In what’s sure to be an embarrassment to Apple, it has been confirmed that French security company Vupen managed to completely expose Safari 5 running on a MacBook Air notebook in a mere five seconds. To prove the hack had been successful, the team installed a calculator application and then wrote a file to demonstrate that Mac OS X had been opened up, according to Zdnet.

Elsewhere, IE8 was also the victim of a planned attack, as researcher Stephen Fewer managed to use three vulnerabilities to take down IE8 completely, and even get out of protected mode successfully.

But the victory went to Google it seems, as Chrome remains unhacked due to participants failing to show up at the event, likely due to Google issuing a patch update to the software, despite Google themselves offering a bounty of $20,000 USD – as reported from Computer World.

As we mentioned earlier, iOS, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry OS is next on the agenda, so stay tuned to see if teams will be able to hack into those systems or not during the event. Let us know your thoughts on the results so far.

Are you surprised that Safari was exposed in a matter of seconds?


  • thedude61636

    HA HA apple suck and it will always ie8 good chrome rocks man its the best of course


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