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New Headphones Design Promises No More Tangles Using Zipper

Music lovers out there rejoice as we bring you news that is sure to get you excited or at least relieve some stress issues. If you use headphones or earbuds you’ll know what I mean when I mention tangles. Having spent hours myself untangling before I can relate, which is why this news is so exciting.

A designer by the name of Hirotaka Matsui has come up with a design that will solve our tangling issues saving us stress and allowing us more time to enjoy our favorite tunes. The designs main feature is a zipper.

Yep that’s right that’s all it takes to solve the issue apparently. Matsui has taken the wires of the headphones and seemingly woven them into the zipper’s fabric. When you want to listen you just unzip a little and once you’re done you can zip right back up no hassle of wires.

The earbuds themselves are magnetic so as you zip up they come together to act like a clasp for your zipper. As the article by Rue Liu at Slashgear explains, this doesn’t solve the problem of zipping up too quickly and catching something so be careful.

Read the full article by clicking the link. What do you think of this design? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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