Metal Gear Solid Rising: PS3 Vs Xbox 360 – Konami say Sony wins

By Alan Ng - Mar 11, 2011

In what is sure to be a kick in the teeth for Xbox 360 owners, the producer for the upcoming title Metal Gear Solid: Rising has publicly stated that the PS3 version of the game will be the best version out of the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

When speaking in a recent interview, Shigenobu Matsuyama had this to say, according to PSExtreme:

”But hardware constraints we are sometimes annoying. But the problem we have in the PS3 console and power top the console allows us to make our best game. So it is natural that the PS3 version is better than the other two versions.”

Obviously, the translation isn’t perfect there but you can clearly pick out the quote at the end where he says ‘the PS3 version is better than the other two versions’. He explained that this conclusion was due to the hardware restrictions on the Xbox 360 console, but we’re pretty sure there may be other factors which decide what platform has the best version.

For instance, don’t forget that this game will be handled by Kojima Productions, headed by lead man Hideo Kojima himself. It’s no secret that he’s a big fan of the PS3 console, as he and his team have been creating Metal Gear games for years with the only intention of delivering it using Sony’s PS3 hardware.

While it’s obviously good news that Xbox 360 owners are getting a Metal Gear Solid game, how would you feel if you end up getting a below par version of the game? One thing we’ve noticed though, is that the translated site has quoted CVG for their information, but they failed to provide a source. We’ve taken a look at CVG’s site and there isn’t any Metal Gear Solid Rising article in sight. Just something to bear in mind, while you digest this information.

Let us know your thoughts on this PS3 and Xbox 360 owners.

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  • Nedal

    Konami doesn't look at this as Xbox 360 vs. PS3. They look at this as USA vs Japan. Who do you think they'll root for & say won?

  • mattchew86

    "… would you feel if you end up getting a below par version of the game?"

    Why don't you ask PS3 owners about the Orange Box?

    • John

      lol, that was a terrible port. Glad to know valve is being fair this time around with Portal 2. Game will be awesome!

      I do how ever want to know when rising will come out. It seems too long for this to be an actual spin-off.

      I bet Kojima has something to do with it; except he doesn't want to bring all his PS3 fan boys down that's why he keeps it on the down low.

  • Hub

    Most of the AAA titles (Red Dead Redemption, Black Ops, Crysis 2) look better on the Xbox than PS3, so I think this one instance is more than okay. I'm a PS3 owner and do not own an Xbox, and I've been pissed about the lesser quality of the above titles on the PS3.

  • Le Twig

    Hideo Kojima isn't leading this project. This isn't really a kick in the teeth to Xbox owners, who must know by now that the ps3 is the more capable hardware; its pretty well documented. It's a victory for Microsoft to have this game on their platform in the first place

  • wowkas

    Kojima isn't heading rising. He merely consults. He handed the producer role to one of his employees. And it's just simple. They are accustomed to coding in ps3 so it's not a wonder why he said this

  • Jeremy

    Konami doesn't look at this as Xbox 360 vs. PS3. They look at this as USA vs Japan. Who do you think they'll root for & say won?

  • Necromantik

    Yeah Chad, it's gonna be as long as MGS4 as well and have all the best parts of the while series on one DVD as well.. Or am I taking the piss out of you. It's gonna be another great ps series killed by a cheap box dripping out of America, FinalFantasy XIII springs to mind. Linear so it suits the Yank Market and probably 8 levels long. Limited of course to 3 min intro sequences featuring very standard events such as (ENTERING JUNGLE), (JUMPING FROM PLANE) etc etc. M$ cripples the generation again.. Cheers.

    • marhorn

      No you cripple this generation! The war is over, Xbox won! Master Chief Killed you!

      And the move…hahahahahahahaha

      • Necromantik

        Clearly an educated response there… Ps3 players don't go for the move or kinect it's about HARDCORE gaming as it's been for nearly 20 years of playstation architecture. DVD alone cripples this gen never mind the underlying cheap tech or did you not compare launch prices? Halo is a TERRIBLE game, you are aware that even up to Halo 3 you lack the ability to even run right? Hemmed in by walls of valleys or buildings until you reach a boss.. LINEAR as I say. This gen should have enabled a greater freedom in games. Kinect was offered to every console manufacturer even Apple. It is a good system but like the wii you can add a good control system on bad quality tech.

  • Freddie

    I can forgive this game for not being as good on the 360 because not often is a port actualy better on the ps3 than the 360

  • VInce

    I'd put it down to hardware programming experience also. be like programming in PHP for 5 years then having to do something in ASP..

  • chad