iPad 2: UK site reports Android tablet favouritism

The launch of the iPad 2 is just a matter of hours away and is expected to sell like hotcakes. However a UK site is suggesting otherwise, claiming over a third of their readers are not impressed with the iPad 2 preferring the Android platform tablets that are on offer.

The site is saying they will be amongst the first to report the Apple release breaking news as it happens the Apple store in San Francisco later today. This news comes from a recent reader poll that they did, where they found that many of their readers do not think the device is worth the money.

When the readers were asked whether they would be buying one 36% said they’d rather get the tablets on the Google OS. 12% of their readers even said they preferred Windows OS. 23% of readers confirmed they would buy the iPad 2 however.

What do you make of these statistics? Are they enough to generalize the opinion across the whole population? Let us know what you think.


  • Honeycomb FTW

    All we have to do is look at the PC and smartphone markets to see how well Apple does with "computer type devices." Apple does not hold a major part of those markets despite all the hype. The iPad will be no different. People are smart enough to see though Apple's crippled hardware that forces a yearly upgrade, slow feature enhancements to the OS, closed ecosystem, and lack of standard ports and SD expansion slot just to mention a few things. . . not forgetting the "one size fits all" mentality Apple has and the "do it our way or else" mentality.
    etc. . . etc. . etc. . .


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