HTC Thunderbolt Vs iPhone 5: Which Release are you Waiting For?

With the never ending release drama surrounding the HTC Thunderbolt, we wonder just how many of you have decided that HTC are taking too long to release, especially with the imminent arrival of the iPhone 5 this Summer after it’s inevitable announcement at WWDC 2011.

We’re pretty sure that some of you are now in two minds whether to still go for the HTC Thunderbolt with Android 2.2, or the iPhone 5, likely to include Apple’s new dual-core A5 processor and maybe even iOS 5 too.

If we were having this discussion a month or so ago when the HTC Thunderbolt was fresh from it’s announcement at CES 2011, we’re pretty sure most of you would choose the Thunderbolt, since it’s going to be the first device to run on Verizon’s 4G LTE network speeds. However, delays can put a considerable amount of doubt in smartphone lovers’ minds and we have a feeling HTC has shot themselves in the foot by failing to give a confirmed release date for consumers.

Are you one that feels let down over the lack of release information surrounding the Thunderbolt? Last year, we recall the same thing happpening with the HTC Incredible as well, so it appears that HTC hasn’t learnt their lesson that disappointing consumers is not a smart move.

How many of you are still willing to stick with the Thunderbolt, and how many of you are now focusing on the iPhone 5 on Verizon during the Summer. Give us your thoughts on this one.

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