Dragon Age 2, Review Highlights Problems and Powerful Story

By Tina Chubb - Mar 11, 2011

Now that the much-awaited Dragon Age 2 game has been released in North America, the very first reviews are starting to trickle in. However, one such review has highlighted the fact that although the game does have a powerful story, it also suffers from a few problems.

As Brett Molina over at usatoday.com recently noted, the Dragon Age II game differs from the original in the fact that the story focuses on just one person, Hawke. The hero/heroine’s ascension to power begins when they (and their family) flee their homeland and end up in Kirkwall.

Another big change between the original and the sequel are the visuals, which have been improved in Dragon Age 2. Not only do the characters look sharper and a bit more detailed, but the environments also look as though they are a bit more vibrant.

Before they actually dive into the narrative, players have to choose one of six different versions of Hawke: a male or female rogue, a male or female warrior or a male or female mage. Each different class comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Brett does point out that although the combat is solid, it is very easy to get pulled away from the action in order to tweak tactics. You can read the full review via the usatoday.com website. Have you had a chance to play the game yet? If so, what are your first impressions?

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  • MR.BS game

    game keep freezin on me anyone know why

  • scruffydo

    i cant axcess the journal, the page keeps flashin from one part to another without stoppin. i hav swopped discs, swapped ps3 systems nd even tried it on both av and hd with no change. is anyone else havin this problem ?

  • Daniel

    Quote "Although the combat is solid, it is very easy to get pulled away from the action in order to tweak tactics?" This is a funny comment because the essence of RPG is about tweaking tactics in combat… Bioware has already reduced the tactics employment in DA2 a lot and made it really action based. If Brett wants to play where the action is undisturbed by tactics, then he should go and play an action game like Street Fighter 4 or something.

  • Matthew

    "…although the combat is solid, it is very easy to get pulled away from the action in order to tweak tactics."

    THAT'S what the game is about… That's what it is SUPPOSED to be about in regard to combat, so how he can say it's solid, and then suggest that being drawn in to one of the staple parts of the combat system is a bad thing I totally fail to understand.

    Hacks should stop writing reviews.