Dragon Age 2: Bad Review From Edge – Justified or not?

By Alan Ng - Mar 11, 2011

We recently informed you about some of the positive reviews for the recently released Dragon Age 2 game from EA and Bioware, but now it’s only fair that we point you in the direction of a negative review for the game, and you’ll be surprised to hear it comes from a very respected publication.

That publication is Edge magazine, who are notoriously known for being very strict on handing out top scores for games, and it appears that Dragon Age 2 is the latest game to fall under their hammer.

They have scored the game a disappointing 6 out of 10, as reported from GamingBolt, preferring to save their top scores for the likes of Bulletstorm and Fight Night Champions, both received a 9/10 which you may find particularly surprising.

We’ve been reading some user feedback from you guys based on the poor score for DA2 and it seems that you are pretty divided on the outcome. For those of you who already have a copy of the game, do you think the score is justified or not, or do you think it least deserved a better score like 7.5 for example.

EA are unlikely to be best pleased with Edge’s review, but we say it’s pretty refreshing to see a negative review of the game, since all feedback so far has been largely positive, so it’s nice for gamers to hear conflicting reviews so ultimately it’s you that has the final say on a game.

What are your thoughts on the poor score? Get in touch with us.

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  • Scout

    Havent played it but dont want to either. My friends have it and all say it's pretty lacking.
    I like how biased the article on this site sounded though. Basically telling it as if Edge are bucking the trend, but unreasonably so, and then commenting on two reviews they've done which might be controversial in some attempt to discredit their DA2 review.
    Well looks like 90% of the responses here agree with Edge.
    The fact that every other reviewer out there gave it such a high score is a big arrow pointing to the farce that most modern reviews have become.
    I find it utterly absurd that 6/10 is considered a bad review even. 6/10 is ABOVE AVERAGE. It means it's a slightly good game, but has a lot of area for improvement.
    I think that's entirely fair.

    The fact that the rest of the gaming review sites scores have descended int various divisions of 9#% is not Edge's fault.

  • Chris

    The game was a huge disappointment compared to the awe you felt after playing the first game. The characters are so so and have no real depth. The story in the first game was somewhat epic while in the second feels more like a small footnote in the worlds history span. But the absolute worst thing about the game (that makes you not want to play it anymore actually) is that everything, everywhere, looks exactly the same. After a short while you realize that they just load the same maps over and over again and just move the chests and enemies around. There is NO cool equipment in the entire game. You can only play as human fighter/rouge/mage. As an earlier poster wrote; It feels that EA pushed this game out way before they should have. EA screws up yet another great concept. Its quite sad really. I would give this game a 4/10

  • Fallen_One

    Well guys first of all my english not good but ill try.

    2 ONLY 3 (fighter mage and rouge)
    3. What every you do you dont change story line
    4.elfs look like bigger versions of gnomes
    5.if u want to use a bow it sucks
    6.to little new places.
    7. to few items
    8.ending of game only one way no matter what u say ore do.
    9. grafic bad bad bad.
    10 it takes 3 days to complete a RPg Game!!!!!!!!! 3 days"!""

    But guys this is not strange…
    Look at stroy of EA they mass produse and sell they have been doing this for years…
    they dont put their soul into anythng just money money money..

    Ill rather play baldursgate 2 wher ei can choose from 7 races and loot of profficions and a DAM good strory line and u can actullay have the game for a year and still dont discover every thing!! and it was made in the 2001!!!

    Prefect story , u could see that bioware had put their soul into this…

    So i think Ea is pushing bioware to hurry upp with productiuon and result crap!!

    If I one day meet the owner and "master mind# of ea dont knowe what ill do !!!

  • Gravias

    The score Edge gave this game is utterly justified and depending on my mood at times even too generous.
    This game has truely been a disappointment for me. I can live with the graphics and new art style, the bland voice-acting and the radial wheel. Hell, I could almost forgive the seizure-invoking combat!

    What I cannot live with are the following:

    1. The monstrous copy/paste tactics they used. They're not even making an effort to hide the fact.
    2. The fact that the entire story takes place in a single city and a mountain riddled with caves and ruins (incidentally all suspiciously similar in layout). DA:O gave us an entire nation to play around in. Places to visit, cultures to taste and so on. DA2 gives us a a total shithole filled with bastards and offered me no real emergence with it's history or way iof life at any time.
    3. Bland, soulless characters. I truely could not identify with any of them…I chuckled over Varric a few times but the strongest emotion most of them gave me was sheer annoyance.
    4. The incredibly dull story. It would have been okay for your everyday hack'n slash but certainly not for this sequel to an amazing game.

    Over-all I expected better from BioWare. They truely ruined a series that could have been grand with a single sequel. It would have never become a Baldur’s Gate but it could have been amazing in it’s own right. I mourn it’s death and the fact that BioWare and EA seem content with it.

    That said I will however play through the entire game once. If only so I won't feel totally robbed of my coin. I'm going to try and find enjoyment in the little things, like funny conversations or the odd character that looks truely amazing.

  • Lucutus

    Its another rushed unfinished game thanks to EA. Doesn't even come close to the epic DA1.
    Uninteresting story, no strong plot, very weak unlike able characters, cut and paste dungeons and NPCs.
    Dumbed down combat , dumbed down companion options, buggy, no interesting romance , over the top gore.
    And no matter what choices you make, or attitude you take it has little to no effect on the game story.
    Go a blood mage in the first DA2 no one cares, guards and templar stand by whilst you being attacked or using blood magic. Random cut and paste mob spawns… Dull

    Very disappointed in the game – 6/10 is too kind in my opinion.

  • Akira

    Lol 6 out of 10 there being generous giving it that high of a score

    • doomsteel

      thats what i thought to,maybe a 4.the only reason im still playing it is to try and get my 60 BUCKS BACK!

  • Gish

    6/10 is a fair score. DA:O was an amazing game. I am a surly old school gamer and even I gave it an A+ for sure. DA2 is a B- trapped in the body of an A. You basically play the first Act (which is very good) over and over again and all the same locations are reused and different paths are either blocked off or opened up to make them seem new. It is a disgrace. Also, none of the characters are as good as in DA;O and they even changed Anders from the fun loving comic he was in Awakening to a no fun party pooper. It is a real shame this game was so rushed because it looks great. I don't like how they made this game more "extreme" either. DA:O had plenty of cool blood and gore but now it has been taken to the point where every single guy explodes and Hawke is jumping around doing backflips and cartwheels, the battles in this game look like a scene out of Army of Darkness or Mortal Kombat more than they do an RPG. I was so excited for this game and it was a disappointment. Good game, but not great. I say 6/10 or 7/10 is definitely a fair score. Besides we all know all the major magazines are just in the pockets of the video game companies anyways. Number One rule of the entertainment industry: don't bite the hand the hand that sponsors you.

  • ken

    I think the game stats tell the story, Dragon Age Origins requires 20 GB of HD space while Dragon Age 2 requires 7 GB of HD space. Either they did some tight programing or there was a lot of reuse and removing a lot of game content. Its almost 3 times smaller then Dragon Age Origins.

  • David

    This game is garbage!
    For all DA:O lovers, these are some things EA and Bioware destroyed:
    – Lousy story! Too short story too, you are just running around doing repetitive "go fetch that for me" side quests all the time.
    – The map and location for the story is just plain stupid. You will practically be in the same place the whole game.
    – Items system is baaaaad (weapons, armor). All the shops get new wares as you level up, so theres no point in gathering money for some special item (like Lifegiver in DA:O). You can loot better items and you can always equip them on the spot, no need to wait for level-up. No meaning in gathering money except for quests. And what is this "sell all junk" option in every store? What use have junk items you cant use?? You cant equip you companions either, just your hero… why even bother looking for items…
    – The combat gets really boring after some hours. Its cool the first two hours but after that its just repetitive and dull. No tactic and strategy is required to win. Just send in tank and nuke with mage.
    – Copy and paste dungeons…when I first saw this i thought they were joking and almost turned off the game right there. Thats just …wth…
    – I still don't understand the stats menu (attack, damage, armor, def)… DA:O had it all, so why change it?! It would have been better it the copied and pasted the whole DA:O menus and made a new story in a the free marches.
    Why this evil, EA?

  • Darren

    I thought Bioware had more class than this, I cant believe how much they lost the plot I spend half the time just trying to get my mouse clicks to highlight where I'm moving or trying to fight.
    It just feels so empty and so repetitive check out every group you kill the last one (apart from boss type stereotype character) will always spawn an item or money its the most laziest game manics I have seen for a long time. Really Bioware realise and LIONHEAD more, don't try to dumb down your games modern game studios, graphics do not make a game, variety and depth does.

  • tony

    I would have given the game a slightly better review simply because of it re-playability.

    this is more of a review than a comment…

    The good:
    – many options to keep the game going, battle mechanics are somewhat better streamlined (although, i prefer DA:O better) for console.
    – graphics look MUCH better from the first installment, but still not par for a systems that is already dated themselves (Xbox360 and PS3). I am willing to sacrifice graphics for better plot, though. this is an RPG and not a FPS, dammit, I don't give a damn about you graphic whores!

    Didn't have to be there but are nice:
    – ability to toggle the command wheel
    – ability to hide the characters helmet/cowl because sometimes they are just ugly but have great stats.

    – Travel companions do NOT work at all neither as friends or companions, except Varric, which is similar to Oghren. Aveline is okay but only as a social contact.
    * Allies are either trying to backstab you, trashing you or constantly bickering among themselves (Play as a mage and see if you don't want to set the lot of them on fire).
    *Aveline makes a good FRIEND but not companion, her position in the game would better suited to something like the relationship between Batman and Commissioner Gordon.
    *Merill, Fenris and Isabela just do not work, no matter your cause, to be evil or just, they do not work with you because they have selfish goals that constantly stray from yours. Your party seems more like a combination of a bunch of lone wolves.
    * The only characters, other than Varric, that you may care about is your family (brother or sister) but alas Bioware has to remove them from the game just to make "drama." However, this drama does not flow naturally and is forced for a lack of plot the game gives.
    – No story. No story. No story. Just a bunch of randomly chained events that barely connect, if not connecting at all.
    – Your hero seems to be a arrogant jerk, no matter what you decide.
    – Dialogue choices have been dumbed down for…who knows who, kids…? why for kids, kids shouldn't even be playing this game with all it's sexual references.
    – Every character can be gay! some of you may say "bi-sexual" but that's not true. The characters sexual orientation pertains to who you play as. If your male then they are gay, as in, they don't like women and if you play as a women, then your female characters are gay (lesbian), as in, they like women. with the exception of Isabela (who openly admits to being Bi-sexual), Varric and Aveline who have no sexual interest in the hero. This all could have been fixed by a simple sexual orientation during your character creation so I wouldn't have even found out Anders is gay, the option appears just by being friendly and all of sudden his ready to jump your pogostick.
    – the inventory ranking system is just flat out awful.
    -confusing stat menu, some things are percentages, some things are numbers, you cannot tell the benefits nor negative effects of weapons, which is commonly remedied in most RPG's since the NES days by simple Green/Red denotions . titles don't help you distinguish between stats. I.E. defense vs armor and attack vs damage.
    – Inability to pick up generic companions that you can design in personality and appearance.
    – Inability to recruit other, BETTER, allies to your party like the Champion's cousin.
    – Inability to auto-equip, inability to equip non-party members. Inability to equip characters from world map or change characters. Inability to equip party/non-party members from your house.
    – Copy and pasted dungeons…how did most of the reviews miss this? that just baffles me.

    Things that should be there but aren't:
    – A command list that fits on the SIDE of the screen so you can select enemies easily.
    – an Auto-sort option(S) for inventory, by strength, attack, defense, etc…
    – A type of optional dungeon where you could kill enemies for infinite to gain loot and gold. the Deep Roads would have serviced nicely and would have been a welcome change from forcing your character to be a deal with Templars, considering you are an apostate mage.
    – Other work besides being a mass murderer such as weapon smith, politician…anything!!!

    I cannot get over how this completely ignores the fact that if you play as a Mage you manage to be an apostate, deal with Templars on a CONSTANT basis and yet manage to gain a infinite amount of fame and wealth with little to no recognition of your ability. Playing as a apostate Mage, i thought it would make for some interesting story being a mage and constantly confronting Templars, but NO, nothing comes of it except the typical dialogue as if you were a rogue/warrior and a couple quips by allies and well-determined enemies that lead nowhere. Also, the oversight that when your sister, Bethany, gets taken by Templars you can do nothing but sit and watch. However, if it was a escaped Mage from The Circle or any other apostate Mage you can slaughter the whole lot of Templars for looking at you wrong, just moronic.

  • Lucian

    Guess ol EA ran out of "bride" money for great reviews before they got to Edge lol there is no way any decent site would give this game a high score of any kind, it was complete Garbage and has thus ended Biowares streak of amazing top games.
    Its a sad day to be sure, but lets all get passed it, they fuked up, we know it and Im starting to think they're starting to see that as well.
    As why change a game that has made over 200 million is units sold alone, thats NOT even counting DLC funds they received, its just beyond me to see how well the DA:O did, and for them to go, "Hmm well Origins did amazing, but lets scrap those old ideas and make us a RPG Dynasty Warriors Game!" I mean you know somethings wrong when a lead designer refused to take a major role in the DA:2 because he said he didn't like the direction they were taking it.

  • Aidan

    Doesn't even deserve a 6/10 really i got it because my friend said it looked good and I thought it was a free roam but the fact that you have to follow a set path dissapointed me. In parts the graphics make the game look poorly made and rushed, combat is just pressing the same button all over again and the skill distribution system is extremeley complicated.

    I just hope that I can get my money back for this.

    And at lest two worlds two, and oblivion:skyrim will save us.

    • Andrew

      I can't help but think you're an idiot just for calling it "oblivion:skyrim." On second thought, it might be that you said the skill distribution system is complicated.

      You went into this seemingly expecting an entirely different style of game, so you gave it a worse score? Grade it on its merits, not your brainless expectation that it would be like Elder Scrolls because your friend said it looked good.

      Two World 2 is a pile of shit, and you need to develop your own tastes and not just buy whatever your friends mention looking good.

  • scott

    That's a fair review, if not too fair.

    The game has little to no story, all of a sudden you are a "champion" for not really doing much, and the next the games over and "everyone goes their separate ways". No fun quests, unlike DA:origins where there were SO many small sidequests to dabble in. The characters suck. While the same-sex orientation was a nice touch, the characters have no depth so forming a life-long relationship with any of them, which you can do, is a "why bother" task. The game starts to pick up, oh….about an hour before the game ends where I thought there would actually be a conflict in this game. But no.

    No environmental diversity, unlike Dragon age origins, nothing compelling about this game at all. Blows.

    I'd go with a 3/10; mainly for the improved combat and ability to form lasting romantic relationships with the characters. But that's sad, isn't it?

  • Mal

    Edge is right, 6/10 is generous if anything

  • David

    It's a poor, shallow reflection of Dragon Age Origins….

    Played for 5 hours….

    Boring combat…

    Dull characters I could not care less for…

    I can't play an Elf or a Dwarf…

    I can't even change my companions armour!!

    Sending it back.

    True disappointment…

    • Steve

      Ditto loved Dragon Age Origins lost track of time many times playing late into the night. This one will never be finished. It's a rushed unpolished product. I really hope Mass Effect 3 doesn't follow in it's footsteps.

      I am/was a huge Bioware fan, and anxiously awaited this release. It is a big let down to say the least.

  • Arrun

    totally justified score. Combat is hack n slash repetitive shit (infact, on PC it's even less interesting than that) .

    no tactical view, no strategy except endless kiting on harder diffculties. I remember playing Origins, completed every single mission + side mission on each playthrough on nightmare with all classes and the strategy was good. with this game, i just cannot be bothered with nightmare because all it is is repetitively hacking down wave upon wave of stupidly powerful reinforcements which spawn right on top of my party.

    Very dissappointed.

  • Marjun

    there's just NO WAY of pleasing everyone, but BioWare sure have tried…

    So far I feel like the money I have spent has been WORTH IT!!!

  • Qball Aus

    I'm slightly disappointed with the characters, while good and very well voiced I just don't seem to….care about what happens to any of them. If there's a plot twist coming up to kill off one, well I wouldn't be too concerned.

    Even if Alistair was a whining little bitch he was still more engaging than the whole cast of DA2.
    The sexual innuendos are becoming tiring as well. Isabella likes teh sex, we get it Bioware, don't have to keep ramming it down our throats, oh whoops there I go….

  • Nope. They actually gave it a good score. It looks like a fun game.