Beauty Academy on Nintendo DSi, out on DSiWare

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 11, 2011

Do you have a need for turning your Nintendo DSi into a personal beauty case? This need can be filled with a new game from Tivola, which is called ‘Beauty Academy’ and can be found on DSiWare.

You may remember Tivola’s “Model Academy”, and now the developer wants to expand their range with another game to help users with beauty and style. Players get to shape the style of their clients with nail designs, manicures, make-up, and haircuts in their own beauty salon.

Using the Touchpen you start to accumulate points that are used to improve your salon, this includes furniture, high-tech massage tables, a new photo studio, and other cool items. The DSi simulation game is aimed at players 8 years and up, and costs 500 points via the Nintendo DSi shop.

You can read more via the German website here, which includes screenshots and a video. What do you think of Beauty Academy?

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