Atom Z670 from Intel is three-times the Tegra 2, but not in performance

By Chris Cook - Mar 11, 2011

With Intel one of the leading developers in computer hardware about to release their Atom Z670 processor, information has seemingly been leaked and it’s not good news for those wanting Intel’s latest offerings. An average price from a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 based processor, such as the NVIDA Tegra 2 will be about $20.

Intel is reported to be selling their 1.66GHz processor for more than three times that amount, a staggering $75, there most expensive Atom CPU yet. For this price you’re getting a single core with two threads and a 512KB cache memory.

Originally thought to cost $25, the Atom Z760 will have to drop its price in order to compete in the already competitive and reasonably priced market. You can read the full article at Fudzilla where you will find out what the chip is to be used for.

What do you think of this leaked information? Should Intel drop their price? Let us know your thoughts.

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