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Apple iPad 2 Lines: Will you Queue Up or Buy Online?

You won’t need us to tell you that the moment has now arrived for Apple fans in the US. The iPad 2 will soon be available to buy in retail stores, and in order to have a chance of picking one up before supply runs out, you’ll have to prepare yourselves for a long queue adventure to get one.

We’re interested to know just how many of you are prepared to wait for countless hours to pick one up from your nearest Apple seller, and how many of you are just going to buy one online when Apple start taking orders.

Just to refresh, you’ll be able to pick up an iPad 2 from 1am PT or 4am ET from Apple’s store online, but if you want to get one in person on launch day, you can queue up ready to buy one starting from 5pm local time in your area today.

We bet that there are even queues that have started right now for the crazy individuals who don’t mind camping outside all evening and daytime just to make sure you’re first in line for the iPad 2. If you’re one of these people who is preparing to queue through the night, we’d love for you to upload a photo and send it to us below. We’ll update this article with some photos if you send them in.



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