Windows Phone 7: NoDo Release Date Update

By Alan Ng - Mar 10, 2011

We have yet more details on upcoming Windows Phone 7 updates, and this time it relates to ‘NoDo’ – the codename for the copy and paste update which is now going to be landing on handsets towards the end of March, after initially receiving a delay.

The good news, is that Microsoft has now confirmed that their NoDo update will definitely be coming out at the end of March. Here is a portion of their recent message via the official Windows Phone 7 blog in France, translated courtesy of BGR:

“We are delighted to share with you that this update will be available for the second half of March through your Zune software.”

Microsoft go on to say that all users will receive an OTA notification, telling them when the update is available to download. What they didn’t say was the exact date that this update would be occuring, or if the end of March date applies to just Europe, or if it’s a global release.

What are your thoughts on this future update, WP7 users? At least it gives you something to be happy about, until the main ‘Mango’ update occurs towards the end of the year adding multitasking and other goodies.

You can view a video preview of the NoDo update showing the copy and paste feature below.

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  • Danail

    I bet all those haters are little apple fanboys that dont know nothing about technology. This is certainly the best phone i have ever had (HTC HD7) and is so much better than my old laggy iphone. I believe all the updates will come soon and the marketplace apps are already better than on its competitors


    LOL. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. I tether my WP7 (Samsung Focus) all the time Are you just writing to watch your fingers move? Please stop. The phone also multitasks, just not with 3rd party apps – yet. That'll come with Mango, which will release this year, no fears. Dont' miss copy/paste – the phone is fully integrated. M$ is in it to win it. The interface is blazingly fast, the UI is sweet, and the games rock. Give it a year – remember it took Android well over a year to catch on – and they'll do fine.

  • tkn

    YES i agree with marhorn

  • As I said before NoDo = NoGo. And Mango will be in 2013 if there is even a WP platform by then. Great OS, great platform, poor marketing (yes this delays are part of marketing, people are looking at this as an indication of how MS is going to behave.)

    • marhorn

      Oh man give it a rest! Everyone like you (haters) wants to see Microsoft fail! You are forgetting that Microsoft helped Apple out when they were almost bankrupt, why? Becasue competition increases diversity and innovation!

      Who cares about copy and paste? All I want is custom ringtones!
      Easily the best phone I have ever used!

  • Iggy

    Windows Phone 7 users have been left stranded without many updates.

    We expected Microsoft would be fast updating it. But no. Hardly anything is being updated.

    Full multitasking? No. Tethering? No. It's like Microsoft has already given up on Windows Phone 7, just like it gave up on the Kin.