Sony To Launch CyberShot Digicam With 3G, Instant Upload Ability

By Chris Cook - Mar 10, 2011

Sony is the manufacturers of a lot of different consumer electronics products if you didn’t already know. You may already know of their CyberShot digital camera range, even integrating the technology into their phones and still even now produce the best camera phones out. Now we bring you news that they may be working on a CyberShot camera which features 3G.

This combination of technology would allow for high quality pictures of video to be captured and uploaded instantly to the internet wherever you are, without having to worry about getting to a computer and plugging in a USB cable.

The news comes from an article by Peter at who says according to his sources Sony is working on the device at present. It would work similar to a mobile where you would pay for a limited data package.

You may be thinking this sort of camera already exists, but only similar ones do. These cameras use Wi-Fi and Eye-Fi cards to upload the data whereas 3G would skip the hassle of finding a hotspot to upload from.

You can read more about the device in the article by clicking the link above. What do you think of this sort of digicam? Would you find a camera with 3G useful? Let us know your thoughts.

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