Sony NGP (PSP2): Potential Release Date and E3 2011 Predictions

By Alan Ng - Mar 10, 2011

Attention all prospective Sony NGP owners, as the following details are definitely worth getting exciting about. We hadn’t previously heard of any sort of release date for the device also known as the PSP2, but now we have a potential date for the European version of the device.

Just to refresh your memory, the device was announced at Sony’s special ‘meeting’ in Japan during January, and since then – gaming fans all over the world have been waiting to get their hands on the NGP, especially since it comes equipped with a quad-core processor amongst other hardware delights.

Back to the story though, and we’re hearing that the device will be released on November 11th, according to this report from MCV. However, they haven’t given any background information on where exactly they obtained this information – preferring to quote ‘various online leaks’ instead.

What is worth mentioning though, is that they say that the NGP could be rolled out on Friday 11th November as a global release, which would be the first time that has happened since the original PSP was first launched in Japan 2004 before seeing a release in US and Europe in 2005.

Our thoughts on this, is that we shouldn’t really read too much into that date, especially since there’s no solid information on where the release date originated. However, we’re willing to bet that Sony are planning to announce the release date for real at E3 2011 in June, and they’ll probably also announce the real, final retail name of the device, since they have already stated that NGP (Next Generation Portable) is just a temporary codename.

What are your thoughts on this November 11th release date – accurate or not in your opinion? We’ll let you know if we get any fresh details on this.

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  • Lunias

    Either there is a worldwide release date set for Nov. 11, or either the US or Japan will get it first. See, Japan getting it first will drive up the hype, but the release date in Japan doesn't matter as much, since it will surely see success there no matter when it's released. However, if the US doesn't have the NGP by the end of the year, people will not be happy.

    BTW, did you ever notice the potential release date is sort of ironic? Okay, so get this…
    NGP has a few FPS games listed for release or soon after.
    NGP releases (supposedly) on Nov. 11.
    Nov. 11 is Armistice Day.
    So, a holiday that celebrates an end to war, on the same day as the best FPS handheld is released.

  • Vivek

    This is awsome but date is tooooooo far… I badly need that psp2 so called NGP

  • gravity

    My money is on the U.S getting the NGP first and here's why….

    I can't remember which video it was in but Jack Tretton said something important about the Xperia Play being released first in the United States, as that country pretty much sets the standard for the rest of the world to follow. So it would make complete sense if the NGP was to follow suite, pun intended.

    • ashley

      i'm with you on this one.the U.S. gets pretty much everything that has to do with gaming and technology.the rest of the world just has to wait for our turn.