Resisting iPad 2 for iPad Mini or iPhone 5

By Gary Johnson - Mar 10, 2011

Every time Apple brings out a shiny new product many people decide they must have the device as of yesterday. Even though some may have only just bought the original version of any given device, as soon as a new one becomes available they rush out and purchase it. This will be repeating itself now the new iPad 2 after it was announced last week.

David Carnoy over at Cnet has written an article that attempts to help people to resist the iPad 2. He mentions that there are four future Apple products which are worth holding out for. If the MacBook Air gets the Intel Sandy Bridge processor which is now found in the latest MacBook Pros, this would be worth holding out for. Not everyone can afford both options but with the new chips installed the Air will be a worthy alternative.

We are only a few months away from the expected announcement of the iPhone 5, and with some suggesting there could be more than one model. There has been talk of a bigger screen it might be better to wait and see before taking the plunge with the new iPad. Talk of a future iPad Mini with a 7-inch screen would please many people, and may be worth waiting for if it ever happens.

Or what about holding fire until next year when we would see the 3rd generation of iPad, it would likely be more powerful and even thinner then the iPad 2 which was announced last week. Surely you can make do with your original iPad for one more year. Or if you can’t wait that long in a few months you will be able to get refurbished iPad 2s from Apple, and you still get your one year’s warranty.

What do you think? Is it worth holding on and get the next version of the iPad?

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  • pepe

    I held out buying an apple II because I knew that something faster and better would come along, and when it did, I held out then too because again something faster and better would come along, and now I've been holding out 28 years and have yet to buy my first computer because I know that next year something better and faster will come along.