PS3 Firmware Update 3.60: Download Live – Problems with PS Plus Only Features?

By Alan Ng - Mar 10, 2011

As we informed you yesterday, Sony were planning to drop PS3 firmware 3.60 onto systems, and now we can confirm that the update is now indeed live. However, we want to know what those of you without PlayStation Plus subscriptions think about the exclusive new features that subscribers are getting.

You’ll be able to download v3.60 the next time you boot up your PS3, and the biggest feature of the software is the ability to store game saves on Sony’s new cloud system, up to 150MB – but only if you’re a premium subscriber.

Of course it’s a neat feature, but are you a little frustrated that you have to pay $50 a year to get it? You could argue that such a big feature should be on the core list of features for the PS3 anyway. We hate to think that in-game cross voice chat, the one feature that all PS3 owners are dying to see, will end up being a PSN+ feature only as well.

What are your thoughts on this? PSN+ users will argue that Sony should make this a premium feature, but then those without may be annoyed that they can’t make use it without paying more money. This is the first big feature that Sony has given their premium members, what is going to be the next?

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  • David

    I love how people always find things to complain about even though PSN's main and most important feature is still free which is online play! I for one could careless about this feature as it does not effect my online play nor is it a deal breaker feature. Without XBL gold it is a dealbreaker though so i don't see the problem here. News is slow i guess.

  • michael

    sht by the time 5.00 comes out it will prob be like 20 gigs not mb so dam sony wtf is the ps3 a gaming console or just a sht load of updates

    and wtf 150 mb dam sony must be thinking that the common ps3 player will have but one game on their ps3

    • darren

      20gb firmware update? I(t removes the previous and adds a complete new one that might be a few meg more in size with the new features. I normal firmware is about 100/200mb in size. It probably will never go above these figures as better methods of coding are implomented and help reduce the size of the updates in good time.

      I dont think Sony will make anything bigger then 20gb as a high number of ppl still have a 20gb PS3 in their homes. I dont think Sony will inforce them to upgrade their hardware to allow these kind of file sizes.

  • TyrannicFeenix

    I think it’s a nifty idea (and yes I’m a Plus member) but it’s not all get out. There are many other things I’d rather have as Plus features and let the majority have this one for free. Plus I can get the update to show on the console but it won’t finish downloading so I went to the Aussie website to donwload it and it says the most recent update is 3.56. Come on Sony work this crap out so I can get back online!

  • Da Realist

    Mine is updating now, i personally dont think dat i need the update doe, i play online every now an den but im not a online freak, the download is taking forever to download, but i gotta download it just to sign in, so what the hell


    im a Plus subcriber and my PS3 has not prompt me to update to the 3.60 update, i went into the the system update and and tried to give it a update via internet and it tells me that the lates version is already installed wish is still the 3.56. Is anybody else having this problem? and what can i do to fix this problem?

    • shevaps3

      use a USB i did and i duno what the updates for

  • ssf

    its not even loading for me 😛

  • foxley1988

    In the article you make it sound like its $50 for the cloud service and nothing more! PS+ gets you a lot for your money! Sony did say however that they dont know if this will stay as a PS+ exclusive or not, so it may be passed down

  • Praying_Mantis

    playing games on the psn is free, if you want this online game saving ability pay the few bob!!!

  • Derik

    Pretty much it sucks. I already pay $50 for Live. Sony needs to stand by its 'free" network.

    • Nexion

      ps3 plus its worth your money so many free games and cheap stuff

    • David

      Last i checked playing online was still FREE so Sony is standing by its free network.
      If you have such a big problem with some features not being free why don't you just pay
      for them since clearly you have no problem paying for Live.